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How Evolution Learnt to Learn. Epigenetics of Experienced Context
06. Jul 2022 - 10. Jul 2022 • Salzburg, Österreich
Guenther Witzany Telos-Philosophische Praxis Buermoos Austria
With the emergence of epigenetic memory, organisms can fix historical and context- dependent impressive experiences. Evolution from now on learnt to learn. Learning means organisms can avoid reproduction of always the same. This is key to adaptation. Epigenetic regulation emerges as a fine-tuned genome-wide network that can rapidly remodel and reprogram genetic content. Epigenetic switching outcompetes genetic mutations (error replications) during adaptation to changing lifeworld. Epigenetic markings can have both short-term and long-term functional effects such as soma to germline inheritance. This symposium assembles approximately 60 experts from different fields to discuss a new paradigmatic understanding of how Evolution learnt to learn. The small number of participants guarantees the legendary relaxed and inspiring atmosphere for presentation and discussion.
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EMBO Workshop — Meiosis
18. Jun 2023 - 23. Jun 2023 • Pamhagen , Österreich
European Molecular Biology Organization – EMBO
Meiosis is a defining feature of sexual reproduction. This specialized cell division program comprises a single round of DNA replication followed by two successive cell divisions, thereby reducing chromosome number by half. This reduction accommodates the later combination of two haploid gametes during fertilization to reconstitute a full diploid genome. The unique events of meiosis, including pairwise alignment of parental chromosomes, inter-homolog recombination, kinetochore attachment, cell cycle adaptations and error correction mechanisms, are intensely studied processes in numerous model organisms (fungi, protists, plants, and animals). The Meiosis field is driven by fascination in how evolution has implemented and perfected the meiotic program, and also by its significance to both plant breeding and human health. As a special topic for the 2021 EMBO Workshop, we have chosen homolog pairing. The recognition and physical pairing of homologous chromosomes is an essential feature of meiosis, and also occurs in other contexts. It is therefore timely to bring together the fields of meiotic and post-meiotic chromosome pairing to potentially uncover common principles and mechanisms.
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