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Workshop WHTW02 — WHT Follow on: the applications, generalisation and implementation of the Wiener-Hopf Method
01. Jul 2024 - 05. Jul 2024 • Cambridge , Großbritannien
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Wiener–Hopf method has been conceived around 90 years ago and since then has shaped many areas of modern analysis. Recently, the method has received a new boost following the progress in matrix factorisation theory that was intensively discussed on the INI Programme "Bringing pure and applied analysis together via the Wiener-Hopf technique, its generalisations and applications" (link https://www.newton.ac.uk/event/wht/) in 2019. During the programme, new ideas and concepts have been identified and a direction of the further method development and its impactful applications have been determined and the Wiener–Hopf type methods enables researchers to solve numerous physical, natural technological and financial problems motivated by real world applications. This follow up Workshop will consider a progress made for last five years in both the theory and applications. In theoretical development, there has been significant progress towards numerical and approximate solutions to various classes of Wiener–Hopf and Riemann–Hilbert problems.
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IWOTA 2024 — International workshop on operator theory and applications
12. Aug 2024 - 16. Aug 2024 • Canterbury , Großbritannien
IWOTA 2024 will bring together leading international experts for an exchange of results and methods, and for tracing the future development in operator theory, complex analysis, harmonic analysis, linear algebra, random matrix theory, mathematical physics, and their applications. In addition to plenary and semi-plenary talks, the conference provides opportunities for all participants (including young researchers) to present their results in invited and contributed sessions, and to interact with other researchers with similar interests and form new collaborations. It will be held August 12-16, 2024 at the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK.
Spectral theory workshop
09. Sep 2024 - 12. Sep 2024 • Edinburgh , Großbritannien
The UK Spectral Theory Network aims to strengthen the research interaction among people working in spectral theory and adjoining fields in the UK. It offers Early Career Researchers, PhD students and members of the network an effective platform for exploring connections between the multifaceted strands of the subject, exchanging ideas and developing new collaborations. It promotes equality, diversity and inclusion in mathematics, and inspires future generations of researchers in the field.
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