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BECMC 2020 — British Early Career Mathematicians’ Colloquium 2020
01 avr 2020 - 02 avr 2020 • Birmingham, Royaume-Uni
University of Birmingham, School of Mathematics
Abstract submissions are now open for the British Early Career Mathematicians’ Colloquium (BECMC) (formerly BYMC). Registration will open shortly. The BECMC will be held on the 1st-2nd April 2020 at the University of Birmingham. This will be a two-day event aimed at PhD students and early career mathematicians. It offers participants a valuable opportunity to network with others in their field, gain an insight into the active areas of research in a wide range of mathematical disciplines, and give a talk in a relaxed and friendly environment. The committee recognises that the standard of access at academic conferences across the UK is largely unacceptable. Our team are working to improve this within their capabilities, both for this BECMC 2020 and for future conferences. Please see our website for full details about the accessibility at the conference.
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Early career mathematicians, PhD students, Analysis, Algebra, Combinatorics, Applied Mathematics, Optimisation
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IPCO Summer School
06 jui 2020 - 07 jui 2020 • Londres, Royaume-Uni
London School of Economics and Political Science
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Young Researchers in Lie theory
15 jui 2020 - 19 jui 2020 • University of Kent, Royaume-Uni
University of Kent
In this conference we aim to bring together postgraduate researchers working on various areas of Lie theory, such as classical representation theory, diagrammatic and 2-categorical Lie theory and algebraic geometry (such as homogenous spaces). Our goal is to create a friendly and supportive environment for postgraduate students to present their work, see other people’s work and discuss ideas that could be useful in their research. Moreover postgraduate students will have the opportunity to attend talks from experienced researchers in the area.
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YRC — Young Researchers in Combinatorics
19 jul 2020 - 25 jul 2020 • Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni
The Young Researchers in Combinatorics workshop is aimed at PhD students and early-career academics working in Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics and related fields. By building an environment without senior researchers, we hope the participants will feel free to contribute their ideas openly, thus preparing them to undertake their own research projects. The workshop consists mostly of working sessions in which participants collaborate on research problems, and a limited number of talks and lectures. We aim to host around 10 invited participants and about 25 PhD students for a week between 19 and 25 July 2020 at ICMS Edinburgh. Accommodation and refreshments are provided for all participants, as well as a conference dinner. A registration fee of 100GBP is payable by all non-invited participants. We expect to start accepting applications in October 2019.
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