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RWSA 2021 Conference — Kitchen Table Talk to Global Forum
13. Mai 2021 - 15. Mai 2021 • Ontario, Kanada
Rural Women’s Studies Association (RWSA)
The theme “Kitchen Table Talk to Global Forum” emphasizes how conversations, relationships, and food shape rural communities. This theme allows for the consideration of the ways that gendered, sexual, ethnic, and racial identities affect personal power, class consciousness, individual choice, and community development. These subjects lend themselves to the exploration of rural activism, social justice, innovation, politics, business development, cultural expression, self-governance, and collective experiences — both historical and contemporary — in local, regional, national, and global settings.
Workshop on the Applications of Quantum Formalism to Behavioural Economics
25. Mai 2021 - 28. Mai 2021 • The Fields Institute – online, Kanada
The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
The application of quantum mechanics to the social sciences has led to useful insights, especially in the areas of experimental decision-making and behavioral economics. A few years ago, the Fields Institute hosted a workshop on this topic entitled ‘Quantum Probability and the Mathematical Modelling of Decision Making’. In this forthcoming workshop we ask ourselves a fundamental question: what is the key tenet, which rationalizes why quantum theory in social science and especially in social choice and decision-making can be used? This is a central question which has not been previously answered. The concept of ‘unicity’ essentially indicates that a single framework can describe all observed events. However, in decision-making there is no reason to believe there is only one framework, which can capture all events. It was recently discovered that the impossibility of finding a single framework to describe all observed events is the same as the paradox of social choice. Hence, the close connection between economics and quantum theory and this workshop will bring together experts from physics, social sciences and different backgrounds to address this close connection.
GDN 2021 — 21th International Conference on Group Decision and Negotiation
06. Jun 2021 - 10. Jun 2021 • Toronto, Kanada
GDN series of conferences have provided a stimulating environment for the dissemination of state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of group decision and negotiation, allowing for intense discussions among participants and the exchange of ideas and critical comments for further improvement.
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