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SwissText 2021 — 6th Swiss Text Analytics Conference
14. Jun 2021 - 16. Jun 2021 • Brugg, Schweiz
SwissText is an annual conference that brings together text analytics experts from industry and academia. It is organised by the Swiss Association for Natural Language Processing (SwissNLP) in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) as well as the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and the data innovation alliance. SwissText 2021 is part of the “Networking Event Series - Natural Language Processing” funded by InnoSuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency. It is supported by more than 10 universities and scientific associations.
COSERIU100 — Coseriu's Linguistics - Origin and Actuality
16. Jun 2021 - 19. Jun 2021 • Zürich, Schweiz
Eugenio Coseriu (1921-2002) was one of the most influential linguists of the 20th century. His language theory has had an important impact on contemporary Romance and General Linguistics. In several branches of linguistics (such as the theory of language change, pragmatics and text linguistics, variational linguistics or semantics), Coseriu’s proposals of the 1950s can be considered groundbreaking, however, even if several of his linguistic concepts have become part of the canon of linguistics, others have remained largely unknown at least outside the circle of Coseriu’s disciples. The centenary of his birth in 2021 will be the occasion for the celebration of an international conference jointly organized at two Universities: Zurich (Switzerland) and Tubingen (Germany).
History of Linguistics; Linguistic Theories; Philosophy of Language; Pragmatics; Typology
SymPol + iMean — Pragmatics of Translation
22. Jun 2021 - 26. Jun 2021 • Basel, Schweiz
In 2021 the 14th meeting of the international Symposium on (Im)Politeness and the 7th meeting of the biannual iMean(interaction and meaning)conference will be merged for a meeting on the ''pragmatics of translation'' on 24-26 June, 2021.
Discourse Analysis; Pragmatics; Sociolinguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics; Translation
13th meeting of the international Symposium on (Im)Politeness and the 7th meeting of the biannual iMean
24. Jun 2021 - 26. Jun 2021 • Basel, Schweiz
In 2021 the 13th meeting of the international Symposium on (Im)Politeness and the 7th meeting of the biannual iMean (interaction and meaning) conference will be merged for a meeting on the “pragmatics of translation” on 24-26 June, 2021. We will invite papers on translation outcomes and processes which highlight a pragmatic angle of understanding the transfer of language phenomena across cultures and intra-culturally. We approach translation from a broad perspective, including written textual translation from source to target language as well as other modalities such as signing, simultaneous translation or audiovisual translation by professional and lay people. We also include topics such as explaining meaning to each other or translating sensual experience into language.
17th International Pragmatics Conference
27. Jun 2021 - 02. Jul 2021 • Winterthur, Schweiz
International Pragmatics Association (IPrA)
The conference, organized by the International Pragmatics Association (IPrA), is open to all topics relevant to linguistic pragmatics, conceived broadly as the interdisciplinary (cognitive, social, cultural) science of language use.
KLAARA 2021 — 2nd Conference on easy-to-read language research
30. Aug 2021 - 31. Aug 2021 • Olten , Schweiz
The multidisciplinary KLAARA conference is the venue for researchers interested in the study of EtR languages and accessible communication. The conference aims to advance research and networking on modified language used for communication with people who have various difficulties in understanding standard forms of language. Studies from different disciplinary perspectives (social sciences, linguistics, special education, visual communication, translation studies, information design) will be presented and discussed.

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