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Interfaces of Phonetics
18. Mai 2021 - 19. Mai 2021 • Oldenburg, Deutschland
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
The meeting aims at bringing together researchers who work on the interface between phonetics and other (linguistic) domains or aspects, such as, e.g., phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, or pragmatics. Contributions focusing on speech production and/or perception and connecting empirical findings to theoretical issues are welcome.
CuTLi 2020 — Current Trends in Linguistics 2020 – Global Dialect Laboratories in Multilingual Ecologies
09. Jul 2021 - 10. Jul 2021 • Hamburg, Deutschland
This year's conference theme - Global Dialect Laboratories in Multilingual Ecologies - focusses on the development of English around the world, especially in urban and densely populated multilingual territories. Contributions to the conference will explore the status, variability, and development of English in such urban multilingual settings. We invite papers and posters from the areas of multilingual development, language acquisition, language contact, and World Englishes. CuTLi serves as a forum that is open to original and unconventional approaches, aiming to facilitate a fruitful discussion and exchange of ideas. In particular, we wish to give young researchers (Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD students) the opportunity to present their research and receive feedback from an expert audience and well-known scholars in the field.
DEON 2020/21 — 15th International Conference on Deontic Logic and Normative Systems
21. Jul 2021 - 24. Jul 2021 • München, Deutschland
The biennial DEON conferences are designed to promote interdisciplinary cooperation amongst scholars interested in linking the formal-logical study of normative concepts, normative language and normative systems with computer science, artificial intelligence, linguistics, philosophy, organization theory and law. In addition to the general theme of the DEON conferences, DEON 2020/21 will encourage a special focus on the topic: Norms in Social Perspective.
HPSG 2021 - Workshop on Negation
30. Jul 2021 • Frankfurt (Online), Deutschland
Past work in HPSG covered diverse aspects of negation in different languages, as shown, for example, by the proceedings volumes of previous HPSG conferences. For this workshop, we invite contributions from all areas of grammatical description, including (but not limited to) phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics, to continue this rich tradition.
Protolang Conference Series — 7th International Conference
06. Sep 2021 - 08. Sep 2021 • Düsseldorf, Deutschland
The Protolang conference series creates an interdisciplinary platform for scholarly discussion on the origins of symbolic communication distinctive of human beings. The thematic focus of Protolang is on delineating the genetic, anatomical, neuro-cognitive, socio-cultural, semiotic, symbolic and ecological requirements for evolving (proto)language. Sign use, tools, cooperative breeding, pointing, vocalisation, intersubjectivity, bodily mimesis, planning and navigation are among many examples of such possible factors.
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