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ICAEM'22 — The 2022 International Conference of Applied and Engineering Mathematics
06. Jul 2022 - 08. Jul 2022 • London, Großbritannien
The conference ICAEM'22 is held under the World Congress on Engineering 2022. The WCE 2022 is organized by the International Association of Engineers (IAENG), and serves as good platforms for the engineering community members to meet with each other and to exchange ideas. The last IAENG conferences attracted more than one thousand participants from over 30 countries.
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30. Mär 2022
IMA Maths in Music Conference
13. Jul 2022 - 15. Jul 2022 • London, Großbritannien
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
The study of the relationship between music and mathematics has a thousand-year-long history which predates Pythagoras. Mathematics and music share a common basis of language and creativity. From the theory of tuning systems and temperament to physical acoustics, from harmonic analysis to spectrograms, from the structures of rhythms and pulses to the continuous stretching of the laws of harmony and the exploration of the musical forms carried out by contemporary composers, all elements of music lead to an immediate connection to mathematics. Established and recent research has witnessed the use of set theory to describe how musical objects are related and organised, the use of group theory in the context of transformational analysis of tonal and atonal compositions, the application of Grassmannians to the study of temperaments, and the investigation of category theory, topology and differential geometry to provide a basis of music theory.
Email: conferences@ima.org.uk
Mathematics or computation with music theory, musicology, music performance, sound engineering and composition, musicologists, computational musicologists, performers, composers using quantitative tools and formal methods from mathematics,
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24. Apr 2022
Workshop on Microlocal Analysis and PDEs
20. Jul 2022 - 22. Jul 2022 • London , Großbritannien
Department of Mathematics, University College London
This workshop is devoted to recent trends and developments in microlocal analysis and partial differential equations (PDEs). We hope that our workshop will give an opportunity for different communities working in micolocal analysis to come together, share ideas and establish new collaborations.

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