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ICDRIS 2021 — International Virtual Conference on the Future of Dispute Resolution in Infrastructure Sector
12. Feb 2021 - 13. Feb 2021 • Ahmedabad - Virtual , Indien
Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management
It is a matter of immense pleasure to announce that Adani Institute of Infrastructure under the aegis of PGDM (Law) Programme is organizing an International Virtual Conference on The Future of Dispute Resolution in Infrastructure Sector ICDRIS-2021 on 12th & 13th February 2021.

Adani Institute of Infrastructure under the aegis of PGDM(Law) Programme, is organizing an InternationaI Virtual Conference on "The Future of Dispute Resolution in Infrastructure Sector”.

Infrastructure Sectors are often surrounded by conflicts and disputes. The conflicts and disputes are mainly due to uncertain environment and the complex nature of projects in infrastructure sector. Such disputes result in delays in project implementation, increase in cost, loss of revenue due investments getting stuck in dispute resolution process. In present days, infrastructure sector contributes its highest number of cases for Arbitration.

The reason far becoming arbitration as a favored dispute resolution mechanism in this sector is complexities of the disputes in the sector. Such complexities emerge due to the involvement of multiple parties, high shakes in the infrastructure projects, calculation and determination of amount of compensation, analysis, assess and review of huge amount of data and the requirement of involvement of technical experts for the resolution of disputes. lt is paramount no identify the causes char led to disputes between parties in infrastructure projects to minimize number of disputes in this sector for speedy development of infrastructure. At the same time, arbitration laws have undergone number of changes over the pass years. However, far more needs to be done for the effective resolution of disputes in infrastructure sectors. At this juncture, it is important to open platform for dialogue, discourse and research in the area of disputes resolution in infrastructure sector. The conference aims to provide high-level content relevant to students of commerce, management, law, economics, engineering and other allied courses. The conference also provide a platform to young professionals, such as academicians, lawyers, policy advisors, arbitrator, engineers and other industry professionals to exhibit their research ideas and engage in a discourse on future role of dispute resolution mechanisms in infrastructure sector.

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International Virtual Conference on the Future of Dispute Resolution in Infrastructure Sector: 12th-13th Feb.'2021 Call for Paper: Sub- Themes: 1. FDI in Infrastructure Sector and Resolution of Investment Disputes, 2. Public Private Partnership and Dispute Resolution, 3. Construction Industry and Dispute Resolution, 4. Sea Ports, Airports Privatization and Dispute Resolution, 5. Developing Negotiating Skills In-House for Dispute Resolution, The SUB-Themes are broadly indicative. Kindly submit your abstract on or before 10th January, 2021 Registration Link: https://forms.gle/AccBfhQywRkoCdTs5 For further information, kindly find attached herewith the Poster and Brochure of the Conference or visit https://www.aii.ac.in/aiim/pgdm-law/ADR-Conference/
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