Konferenzen zum Thema Geometrie und Topologie in Mexiko

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Advances in Mixed Characteristic Commutative Algebra and Geometric Connections
07. Jun 2020 - 12. Jun 2020 • Oaxaca, Mexiko
Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery
One of the big ideas in modern mathematics is that integers (like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...) in many formal ways behave similarly to polynomial equations (like y = x^2, which defines the parabola). Frequently, and perhaps surprisingly, many questions in mathematics are easier to study for polynomials than for integers. Hence intuition and results for polynomials can tell us about the integers. Commutative algebra lives at the intersection of both perspectives, and one fundamental object of study is polynomials with integer coefficients, this is called the mixed characteristic case. Recently, Yves Andre proved a long standing open conjecture in commutative algebra in this mixed characteristic setting, relying on constructions of Scholze (and then Bhatt gave a simplified proof of the same conjecture). This workshop aims to foster and discuss these and other recent tools, to study some remaining open problems in mixed characteristic. The workshop will bring together a diverse group of researchers from different fields, such as commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and number theory.
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8th Iberoamerican Congress on Geometry
22. Jun 2020 - 26. Jun 2020 • Morelia, Mexiko
Since the time of Bernhard Riemann, the influence of analytical and algebraic methods based on Riemann surfaces, algebraic curves and abelian varieties, has been crucial in the development of other areas in physics and mathematics, as well as applications to other areas. These topics have been a very effective tool in solving problems in commutative algebra, mathematical-physics, algebraic geometry, differential geometry, complex and hyperbolic geometry, dynamical systems, singularity theory, topology and other interdisciplinary branches of mathematics that are constantly evolving. The Iberoamerican Geometry Congresses (IGC) have the particularity of gathering researchers and students from various mathematical communities of America and other regions of the world, with the aim of fostering an exchange of ideas between mathematicians in different fields, linked by the geometry of Riemann surfaces, abelian varieties and related fields.
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