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Jefferson Update in Neurosurgery (JUNE) 2024
21. Jun 2024 • Philadelphia, Vereinigte Staaten
Thomas Jefferson University
Advancements in the field of neurosurgery are occurring at an increasingly rapid rate. The integration of these advances into clinical practice often lags behind the rate at which they emerge in the literature. Therefore, a critical appraisal of the most recent and most influential advances in the various fields of neurosurgery is necessary to effectively incorporate these advances into clinical practice. Thomas Jefferson University is a world leader in neurosurgical research and practice. Current faculty and alumni from its residency and fellowship training programs are often on the cutting edge of neurosurgery. In this hybrid CE event, we will highlight the latest advances in the field of neurosurgery and identify ways in which practitioners from all fields can improve their practice and optimize the care for their patients by effectively integrating these changes into this practice. In addition to the major topics of neurovascular disease, neurooncology, complex spinal surgery, brain computer interface , neuroimaging, and functional neurosurgery, we will also discuss how to evaluate one’s practice, improve patient safety, and limit medical errors using quality improvement tools. All practitioners who take care of patients with neurological illness could benefit from this event, including neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuro-intensivists, neuroradiologist, anesthesiologist, nurses, physician assistants, and practitioners who might refer patients for neurosurgical care.
Office of CPD;     Tel.: [2159556992];     Email: jeffersoncpd@jefferson.edu
Neurosurgery, Brain Tumor, Endoscopic, Nerve Disorder
ISHA 2024 — ISHA 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting
17. Okt 2024 - 19. Okt 2024 • Washington, DC, Vereinigte Staaten
ISHA - The Hip Preservation Society
The Scientific Program for the ISHA 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting will bring to the fore the latest expertise, thinking, and research taking place in the field of hip preservation through a combination of oral free paper sessions, ePosters, expert keynote lectures, panel discussions, re-live surgeries, and much more. The overarching focus of this year's program will be on the future, considering the impact of new technologies and directions in the field over the next 10-20 years. It will look at what is being done at the leading edge of hip preservation and underscore the importance of innovation whilst emphasizing the ultimate goal of maintaining and improving hip health through prevention, early detection and preservation.
ISHA 2024 Conference Office;     Tel.: [+44 (0)203 519 9427];     Email: info@ishaconference.com
hip; surgery; sports medicine; hip preservation; arthroscopy; open hip; hip preservation; physiotherapy; advanced practice provider; physician assistant; physician associate
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