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Gordon Research Conference — Fluids in Disease Transmission and Contamination
14. Aug 2022 - 19. Aug 2022 • Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Vereinigte Staaten
IC2AR 2022 — 5th International Caparica Conference in Antibiotic Resistance 2022
05. Sep 2022 - 08. Sep 2022 • Caparica, Portugal
In the last years, there is a great concern about the problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotics used in human medicine as well as in veterinary. The use of antibiotics constitutes an important factor for the selection of resistance, not only among pathogenic bacteria but also among the commensal ones. Antimicrobial resistance is a major problem in public health due to the possibility of therapeutic failure. The appearance of multiresistant bacteria is probably accompanied by co-contamination of the environment, leading to a major clinical and public health concern within the lifetime of most people living today. The extensive use has heightened concerns about the expression of antimicrobial resistance, which impacts human and animal safety, food safety and environmental exposure. Antibiotic resistance is an emergent problem, and for this reason, the WHO appealed for an urgent and concerted action by governments, health professionals, industry, civil society and patients to slow down the spread of drug resistance, limit its impact today and preserve medical advances for future generations. In the latest years, much investigation was developed to understand the emergence of the resistance genes and their spread but this fact does not let us control totally this problem. In this conference, an attempt has been made to present the latest research on possibilities to manage this question.
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15. Mär 2022
EUSTM-2022 — Immunotherapeutics | EUSTM-2022 From Biology to Patients Care
03. Okt 2022 - 05. Okt 2022 • Virtual, Überall (Virtuelle Veranstaltung)
European Society for Translational Medicine (EUSTM)
The European Society for Translational Medicine (EUSTM) cordially invites you to attend the 9th Annual Congress of the European Society for Translational Medicine on Immunotherapeutics – From Biology to Patient Care (EUSTM-2022) held in virtual format during 3-5 October, 2022. Due to the COVID-19 Corona virus pandemic, the European Society for Translational Medicine (EUSTM) has revised the 2022 congress format to a virtual event. EUSTM took this initiative to ensure the health and safety of our global delegates. This Congress will focus on recent advances in the field of immunotherapeutics for solid tumors, hematological malignancies, autoimmune disorders, infectious disease, Covid, & vaccines covering from biological research, diagnostics & biomarkers to clinical care. EUSTM-2022 not only provides a unique platform for scientific exchange and discussion about the recent progress in both bench and bed side of immunotherapies for cancer and infectious diseases, but also an avenue for global networking with key stakeholders in academic research, clinical care giver, public health workers, and industrial leaders.
European Society for Translational Medicine;     Tel.: [+43 1 8923 562];     Email: eustm-2022@eutranslationalmedicine.org
solid tumors, hematological malignancies, autoimmune disorders, infectious disease, Covid, vaccines, Translational Medicine, Medicine, Immunotherapeutics, Immunobiology, biological research, diagnostics & biomarkers, clinical care, Celular Biology, Molecular Biology, Blood Cancer, Atopic Dermatitis, Public Health
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HIV Glasgow 2022
23. Okt 2022 - 26. Okt 2022 • Glasgow, Großbritannien
Ashfield Healthcare Communications
The HIV Glasgow programme is of interest to clinical investigators from across the globe to review current research and discuss its implications for HIV management strategies. Although there has been steady progress in HIV drug treatment, significant challenges still remain, including persistence of elevated risk of non-AIDS morbidity, with potential for HIV and/or antiretroviral therapy (ART) as causes, paediatric and adolescent care, models of care for the ageing population, and treatment issues throughout less well-resourced parts of Europe and the rest of the world. The Congress is also moving into areas beyond treatment, such as prevention, with time in the programme focused on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and issues across Europe and beyond. The important role of people living with HIV in treatment decisions and self-management continues to feature, and we look forward to a number of perspectives in the programme from the community.
Tel.: [+44 (0) 1625 817059];     Email: hivglasgow@ashfieldhealthcare.com
HIV, Drug Therapy, Infectious Diseases
Infectious Diseases in Primary Care
26. Okt 2022 - 28. Okt 2022 • Live Streaming, Vereinigte Staaten
Harvard Medical School
This acclaimed course, among the highest-rated Harvard Medical School CME courses, provides a comprehensive ID update especially for primary care practitioners. Led by Harvard Medical School's leading ID faculty and clinicians, this program provides guidance to improve the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of infectious diseases. Participants learn the practice implications of important new innovations and ensure that their ability to address ID challenges is fully current.
Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Medical Education;     Tel.: [617-384-8600];     Email: CEPrograms@hms.harvard.edu
Harvard, CME, Immunizations, Lyme, COVID-19, infection, vaccine, HIV, MRSA, Hepatitis, UTI, STI, pneumonia, flu, gastroenteritis, travel medicine, respiratory, coronavirus, C. difficile, H. pylori, antibiotics, antibiotic allergy, tuberculosis, respiratory

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