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7th Asia and 9th China International Conference on Tribology
14 sep 2024 - 18 sep 2024 • Tianjin, Chine
The Chinese Tribology Institution cordially invites and welcomes you to 7th Asia International Conference on Tribology & 9th China International Symposium on Tribology. The ASIATRIB2024 & CICT2024 will be held in September 14th - 18th 2024 in Tianjin, China. We look forward to meeting tribology colleagues around the world in the historical and vibrant city of Tianjin in September 2024.
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ICMT 2025 — 2025 International Conference on Mechanical Transmission
17 avr 2025 - 20 avr 2025 • Chongqing, Chine
State Key Laboratory of Mechanical Transmission for Advanced Equipment in China
In recent years, to meet the escalating demands of modern industry and society, the mechanical transmission technology has been making continual progress and getting new achievements in design theories, advanced materials, processing and evaluation techniques. Currently, new applications such as large megawatt wind turbines, new energy vehicles, all electrical equipment, etc., and increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements poses significant challenges to mechanical transmission. Meanwhile, the emergence of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and digital twins bring new revolution to the mechanical transmission. Therefore, State Key Laboratory of Mechanical Transmission for Advanced Equipment in China is organizing the International Conference on Mechanical Transmission (ICMT 2025), which offers a shared platform for scientists, manufacturers and users, to discuss and present trends and innovations in mechanical transmission. On behalf of the Organization of ICMT 2025, we are delighted to invite academic researchers and industrial engineers from all around the world to participate in this event, scheduled for 17-20 April 2025, in Chongqing, China. The conference covers the most important and interesting research subjects of mechanical transmission such as gears, bearings, reducers/transmissions, and electric drive transmission systems, etc.
Strength, fatigue, reliability, dynamics and noise of mechanical transmissions; Lubrication and sealing theories and technologies; Metals, composites, polymers, and new/special materials for mechanical transmissions; Advanced manufacturing techniques including precision, green, efficient and intelligent machining for mechanical transmissions;
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30 jui 2024
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