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04 jui 2020 - 05 jui 2020 • Madrid, Espagne
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Information Processing and Telecommunications Center
Nowadays the production of digital contents, data and services has reached a speed never experienced before. Large amounts of content are already on the Web, waiting for being reused both for personal or professional purposes. These contents, including multimedia documents, application tools, and services are being accumulated on the Web, in cloud systems, and in local and global data structures. There is thus a need for new theories and technologies for advanced information search, integration through interoperation, and personalization of digital services. Additionally, in science and technology, with progressively sophisticated research going on, there is a growing need for interdisciplinary availability, distribution and exchange of the latest research results, in organic forms, including not only research papers and multimedia documents, but also various tools developed for measurement, analysis, inference, design, planning, simulation, interaction and production as well as the related large data sets. And similar needs are also rising for the interdisciplinary and international availability, distribution and exchange of ideas and works among artists, musicians, designers, architects, directors, and producers.
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Information search in large data sets, Comparison of different information search technologies, Novel approaches to information search, Personalized information retrieval and personalized web search, Data Quality, Federation of Smart Objects, (Social) Cyber-Physical Systems, (Big) Data Analytics for personalization, Data Mining, Integration of Web-services & Knowledge bases & Digital libraries, Machine learning and AI for information-related applications, Visual and sensory information processing and analysis, Ontology-based Data Access, Provenance Tracking in the Context of Data Integration, Privacy in the context of data integration
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ECAI2020 — 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence
08 jui 2020 - 12 jui 2020 • Santiago de Compostela, Espagne
Welcome to ECAI 2020, the 24th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, that will take place in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) June 8-12, 2020. The conference will include a workshops and tutorials program scheduled before the main conference. The venue will be the Galicia’s Auditorium, an excellent location to visit the old town of the city. The Conference is hosted by the Spanish AI Society (AEPIA) and organized by the Intelligent Systems Group (GSI) and the Research Center on Information Technology (CITIUS) of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). In 2020 “the AI way” goes to …Santiago!
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LOPAL'2020 — Second International Conference on Learning and Optimization Algorithms: Theory and Applications
23 jui 2020 - 25 jui 2020 • Córdoba, Espagne
University of Córdoba, Spain
In recent decades, the diversification of automated learning applications has led to new requirements inherent in the availability of large-scale data. Given the new scientific and technological challenges that are encountered, mathematical optimization has been established as the right approach for many Machine Learning problems. The specific requirements of machine learning raise new challenges for optimization. In turn, optimization takes advantage of machine learning insofar as concepts, formalisms, approximations and algorithms are revisited. LOPAL’2020 will be a relevant opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and educators around the world to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns together with the theoretical and practical challenges encountered and their applications.
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12th International Conference on Swarm Intelligence
26 oct 2020 - 28 oct 2028 • Barcelona, Espagne
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