COMS - Conference Management Software

COMS is a web-based conference management system designed to support the organisation of scientific, medical and academic events. Whether you are organising a conference, congress, symposium, seminar, workshop or summer school, you will be able to manage the key requirements of your event in one place.

Submissions & reviews
Interactive agenda
Book of abstracts & proceedings
Registrations, payments, invoicing, on-site check-in
Website content
Chat & video function, notifications

COMS at a Glance

A web-based, Hosted Solution
Users and administrators only need a browser and an Internet connection to use the system.
Delegate Payments
Collect online payments directly into your bank account. This can be either a standard bank account or a merchant account.
On-site Registration
Register participants on arrival, either manually or by scanning a QR code.
Chat & video Module
Participants are automatically onboarded to the chat module, with the ability to opt in and out at any time. They can converse with other delegates by chat or video, individually or in groups. Organizers can send notifications.
Participant Management
Collect data, files and surveys from participants. Create personalised documents for the users (e.g. certificates of participation).
Abstracts and Papers
Collect abstracts, extended abstracts, full papers and presentations.
Review Process
Use available functions to facilitate the distribution of abstracts and papers to the reviewers, based on their specialty topics. Customise the review form, anonymise the submissions, track the progress of the reviews.
Interactive Programme
Create and update an app / interactive agenda that includes functions to browse, search and build a personal agenda.
The software is maintained in three languages. A translation module allows the use of other languages as well.
Access Control
Set permissions on various functions, based on your deadlines or users' functions.
Flexible Reporting
Export collected data to Excel, CSV, PDF, MS-Word and HTML. Use filters to select the records to export.
Powerful Email Module
Target any group of participants with customised, personalised emails. Prefilled, editable templates are provided for common tasks.
Recurrent Events
Transfer the configuration, custom texts and users from one edition of the event to the next. Returning users can log in without having to create a new account.
Multiple Events
We can create templates for multiple events that share a common setup. We provide an admin tool to access the events and get an overview of the data.
Large Events
We can handle thousands of abstracts and delegate registrations.
Hourly backups
Automated hourly backups are included in the price for all events.
Last updated: 30 November 2020