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Workshop — Approximation Algorithms and the Hardness of Approximation
20 Sep 2020 - 25 Sep 2020 • Oaxaca, Mexico
BIRS-affiliated mathematics research centre, Casa Matemática Oaxaca (CMO)
Most of the many discrete optimization problems arising in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics are NP-hard, that is, there exist no efficient algorithms to solve them to optimality, assuming the P.not.=NP conjecture. The area of approximation algorithms focuses on the design and analysis of efficient algorithms that find solutions that are within a guaranteed factor of the optimal one. Loosely speaking, in the context of studying algorithmic problems, an approximation guarantee captures the quality of an algorithm -- for every possible set of input data for the problem, the algorithm finds a solution whose cost is within this factor of the optimal cost. A hardness threshold indicates the difficulty of the algorithmic problem -- no efficient algorithm can achieve an approximation guarantee better than the hardness threshold assuming that P.not.=NP. Over the last two decades, there have been major advances on the design and analysis of approximation algorithms, and on the complementary topic of the hardness of approximation.
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Last updated: 13 February 2020