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Workshop — Recursion Theory and its Applications
15. Okt 2023 - 20. Okt 2023 • Hangzhou, China
Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (IASM) in Hangzhou, China
Recursion theory measures the complexity of mathematical objects in terms of what is computable, in other words, what can be determined by a computer with no space or time limitations. We can define, for example, computable sets of natural numbers, computable (continuous) functions on the real numbers, or computably enumerable open subsets of the reals. Adding an oracle---an outside source of information---allows us to extend the reach of recursion theory beyond the computable. For example, every continuous function on the real numbers is a computable function relative to some oracle. For another example, a set of real numbers has Hausdorff dimension zero if and only if there is an oracle relative to which every real in the set can be significantly compressed. In this way, recursion theory offers a fine-grained way to analyze some of the most central notions in mathematics. This has recently led to deep applications to analysis, number theory, and set theory. The focus of this workshop is on understanding and extending these applications of recursion theory.
Structured Mesh Methods for Moving Interface and Free Boundary Problems and Applications
20. Okt 2024 - 25. Okt 2024 • Hangzhou, China
Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (IASM)
Free boundaries and moving interfaces are ubiquitous in our daily activities such as pouring red wine into a glass, jumping into a swimming pool, or watching water waves at the beach. Other processes involving interfaces are much less visible, but have great impacts on our lives. For example, one mechanism by which cancel cells move around is to change the shape of their boundaries. As another example, three major components in our blood are the red cells, the white cells, and platelets; injure of blood vessels will trigger complicated chemical reactions and physical processes that occur on the interface of these cells. It is therefore extremely important to solve key problems in this scientific field so that we can save money, energy, time, and even human lives. One major tool for sciences in this field is through mathematical modeling and numerical computations. This workshop aims to bring together experts from various disciplines to work together on the analysis, modeling, computation, and applications of a wide range of free-boundary and moving-interface problems.
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