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11th European Conference on Interventional Oncology 2020
26. Apr 2020 - 29. Apr 2020 • Nizza, Frankreich
COMy — The 6th World Congresses on Controversies in Multiple Myeloma
14. Mai 2020 - 16. Mai 2020 • Paris, Frankreich
Over the last few years, the myeloma field has made significant progresses. We have seen fascinating novel drugs being introduced (including innovative cellular therapies), and the whole treatment paradigm is progressively changing.

Like the previous ones, this international meeting aims to deliver state of the art science and research, focused on the latest advances in the field and on improving patient care.

The scientific content will be on the cutting-edge one because the pace of change in multiple myeloma is accelerating.

In addition to the science, you will be able to enjoy this most spectacular city of Paris. We are looking forward to seeing you in Paris next year

Tel.: [+972528887612];     Email: moran@cme-congresses.com
Multiple Myeloma, cancer, CAR T Cell
IACH — 3rd Annual Meeting of the International Academy for Clinical Hematology (IACH): Focus on Leukemia
01. Okt 2020 - 03. Okt 2020 • Nizza, Frankreich
We are delighted to invite you to participate in the 3rd Annual Meeting of the International Academy for Clinical Hematology (IACH): Focus on Leukemia, taking place October 1-3, 2020 in Nice, France.Our 3rd edition will focus on leukemia in a format that allocates a significant amount of time to interactive debates and audience questions to the expert panels. Participants are encouraged to take an active role in the discussions with faculty members in this unique open environment.
Tel.: [+972528887612];     Email: moran@cme-congresses.com
Leukemia, CAR T Cell therapy
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ESOI/EORTC Workshop — Imaging in assessing response to cancer therapy – a hands-on course
04. Nov 2020 - 06. Nov 2020 • Bordeaux, Frankreich
ESOI (European Society of Oncologic Imaging)
The ESOI/EORTC workshop is an interactive hands-on course aimed at practising radiologists and radiology residents, focusing on the criteria-based assessment of tumour response to treatment. The course consists of a number of lectures explaining the principles of imaging-based tumour response assessment and several hands-on interactive training workshops using specialised software with common and rare cancer cases encountered in the clinical routine or within clinical trials.
ESOI Office;     Tel.: [+4315334064924];     Email: office@esoi-society.org

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