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5th international Webinar on Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Research | Dec 02-04, 2022 | IMPACT Conferences
02. Dez 2022 - 04. Dez 2022 • Webinar, Vereinigte Staaten
IMPACT Conferences
We are glad to welcome all the participants to the "5th international conference on Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Research," (Virtual pharma 2022) scheduled for December 02-04, 2022. It mainly focuses on the theme “Innovative Approaches in Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Delivery systems". The conference will bring together academics, researchers, scientists, scholars, and professors, pharmacists, drug delivery specialists, nanotechnologists, clinicians, chemists, healthcare professionals, business representatives, and delegates from a wide range of disciplines to discuss the most recent findings and trends in pharmaceutics and drug delivery research. This three-day event includes keynote talks, oral presentations, poster sessions by young researchers and students, seminars, and networking opportunities.
Email: pharmawebconference@gmail.com
• Advanced Drug Delivery Systems • Cellular Targeting and Intracellular Delivery • Pharmacogenomics • Drug Delivery Through BBB • Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety • Pharmaceutical Research & Development • Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Biomarkers & Drug Targets • Nanotechnology in Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Systems • Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry • Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Biotechnology • Pharmacy Practice, Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy • Pharmaceutical Product Development and Manufacturing • Inhaled Drug Delivery • Research On Oncology And AIDS • Bio-Drugs, Bio-Molecules and Therapeutics • Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals • Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems • Drug Discovery and Screening • Anticancer drug delivery for Tumor Targeting • Preformulation Studies • Formulation Technologies • Vaccine Design and Drug Delivery Technology • Peptides and Protein Drug Delivery • Clinical And Medical Case Reports • Drug Discovery and Development • Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry • Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics • Pharmacology & Toxicology • Nutraceuticals • Virtual Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals • Precision Medicine and Specialty Drugs • Cosmeceuticals • Biosimilars Market • Pharmaceutics Business and Market • Artificial Intelligence in Pharma • Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance
Gordon Research Seminar — RNA Nanotechnology
07. Jan 2023 - 08. Jan 2023 • Ventura, CA, Vereinigte Staaten
The 2023 GRS will focus on major areas pertaining to the design of RNA into rationally designed nanostructures. Sessions will follow the developmental pipeline from computational and structural design to use in applications as diagnostics, therapeutics, and materials. Challenges facing the field, including the cellular delivery of these formulations and the immune stimulation of nucleic acid-based nanostructures, will also be explored. The schedule will include talks on research findings as well as poster presentations to drive discussion on these topics and beyond.
Delivery, Design and Function of RNA Nanostructures
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02. Okt 2022
Gordon Research Conference — RNA Nanotechnology
08. Jan 2023 - 13. Jan 2023 • Ventura, CA, Vereinigte Staaten
The 2023 GRC on RNA Nanotechnology will promote scientific exchange and cross-disciplinary collaborations among scientists working in RNA chemistry, biology, biophysics, medicine, engineering and biotechnology. The nine sessions will feature presentations on nucleic acid structure and assembly, RNA modification, synthetic biology, nanostructures, biomaterials, extracellular vesicles, therapeutics, diagnostics, and imaging. Each session will also include short talks selected from abstracts submitted by poster presenters. Ample opportunities for extended discussions will be provided after each presentation and during breaks.
RNA Self-Assembly, Packaging, Imaging and Therapeutics
Advancing Gene Therapy 2023
17. Apr 2023 - 19. Apr 2023 • Boston, Vereinigte Staaten
The 2023 Advancing Gene Therapy conference will be held in Hyatt Regency Boston, MA. The meeting will provide conference attendees updates on recent gene therapy innovations from vector designs to product launch. Drivers of these advances will be discussed including the rapid pace of change from biotechnology, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and CROs with preclinical, non-clinical and trial expertise. In addition, the summit covers emerging and related fields including Gene Editing & CRISPR, Cell Therapies, Gene Therapy for Cancer, Immunotherapy, Rare diseases, Blood Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Toxicology Studies, advances in manufacturing, regulatory and medical affairs, Commercialization Strategies, Business Models and Market Access.
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31. Jan 2023
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