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EMS2023 — Learning and Emergence in Molecular Systems
23. Jan 2023 - 27. Jan 2023 • Los Angeles, CA, Vereinigte Staaten
Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM)
For molecular systems we know the laws of physics to extreme precision. Yet, our ability to compute properties of these systems to numerical precision is very limited. This is mainly due to two sources of computational intractability: quantum mechanics and chaos. On one side, the accurate solution of the Schrödinger equation for large molecular systems is computationally prohibited. One the other side, even if we knew the forces exactly, the dynamical equations for the atoms would exhibit chaotic behaviour, which implies that, just as the weather, we have limited capacity to predict future trajectories. Some aspects of these systems remain predictable at a macroscopic scale, but they require completely different variables, such as pressure, temperature and entropy. We call this emergent theory thermodynamics.

In the completely different discipline of machine learning, a fairly similar phenomenon takes place. The microscopic variables of an image are given by its constituent pixel values. When we analyse the image with a deep neural network (DNN), we will detect edges in the first layer, corners in the next layer, then the object parts and finally, at the top of the neural network, entire objects. We understand the world at the “emergent” level of objects and their relations, not at the level of pixels and edges. In deep learning (DL) emergence happens automatically through learning and some inductive biases such as symmetries.

A major question we want to address in this workshop is whether we can apply the same learning paradigm to the field of molecular science to learn the correct emergent variables and dynamics.

MODSIM World 2023 — 14th International MODSIM World Conference
22. Mai 2023 - 23. Mai 2023 • Norfolk, Vereinigte Staaten
National Training & Simulation Association
MODSIM will bring together M&S leaders focused on novel solutions and applications designed to innovate our future world. This unique, multi-disciplinary, and international conference and exposition features three presentation tracks, focusing on M&S communities of practice: Industry, Defense, and Training & Education. These main tracks include technologies, approaches, and solutions in numerous areas including Engineering, Medical Simulation, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Extended Reality, Gamification, and Visualization.

MODSIM World features a robust agenda of papers and panels, industry workshops, and competition events, as well as an exhibit floor featuring a variety of companies and organizations showcasing new advances in M&S. Submit your abstract for a great opportunity to circulate your research throughout the M&S community.

Event Organizer;     Email: info@modsimworld.org
Manufacturing, Transportation, Aerospace, Energy, Infrastructure, Smart Cities, Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, Health Systems and Services, Training, Education, Gamification, Social Systems, Entertainment and Arts, Augmented- Virtual- and Mixed-Reality, Hospitality Services, National and International Defense, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, State and Local Public Safety
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10. Nov 2022

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