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Webinar: Navigating the Threat-Scape
28 avr 2021 • London – online, Royaume-Uni
Smart Grid Forums
Getting ahead of the threat by understanding how cybercrime groups are re-organising

and collaborating to target the power grid.

Webinar: 16:00-17:00 CET

Wednesday 28th April 2021

CrowdCast Platform

The past year has seen a sharp rise in cyberattacks against the power grid, with sophisticated social engineering tactics being leveraged by cybercriminals to open new doorways into the grid.

This 60-minute webinar deep-dives into the lessons learnt from the most recent cyberattacks on the power grid, providing insights into how cybercrime groups are evolving, re-organising and honing their skills to enable higher-stakes activities. Through a series of presentations and panel discussions we predict the nature of the attacks on the horizon for complex IT and OT converged infrastructures, and we quantify the risk facing the grid in the next 2-3 years. Finally, we identify the organisational, workforce and technical strategies urgently required to strengthen your cybersecurity posture and enable you to get ahead, and stay ahead, of the threat.

By getting to know your adversary inside out, and being able to predict their every move, power grid cybersecurity teams and their engineering colleagues stand a much better chance of building and maintaining infrastructure that is both secure-by-design and adaptive to the demands of a more malicious threat landscape.


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Cyber Crime Group Profiles, Powergrid Cyber Security Posture, Cyber Security Counter Measures
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ICCWS 2022 — 17th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security
17 mar 2022 - 18 mar 2022 • State University of New York at Albany, États-Unis
Academic Conferences International Limited
ICCWS 2022 is an opportunity for academics, military personnel, practitioners and consultants from around the world who are involved in the study, management, development and implementation of systems and concepts to combat information warfare or to improve information systems security to come together and exchange ideas. There are several strong strands of research developing in the cyber warfare and cyber security area including the understanding of threats and risks to information systems, the development of a strong security culture, as well as incident detection and post incident investigation. New threats brought about by social networking and cloud computing are gaining interest from the research community and the conference is tackling these issues.
Tél.: [Tel: +44 (0) 118 324 6938];     Email.:
Cyber Warfare Cyber Defence Cyber Terrorism Cyber Security Cyber Crime Cloud Security Social networking threats
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