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ICMCSI 2022 — 3rd International Conference on Mobile Computing and Sustainable Informatics
27 jan 2022 - 28 jan 2022 • Lalitpur, Népal
Tribhuvan University, Nepal
The 3rd International Conference on Mobile Computing and Sustainable Informatics (ICMCSI 2022) organized by Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal on 27-28, January 2022 has significantly contributed to address the unprecedented research advances in the areas of mobile computing and sustainable informatics. ICMCSI 2022 is dedicated to explore the cutting-edge applications of mobile computing and sustainable informatics to enhance the future of mobile applications. This international conference serves a forum for researchers to address mobile networks, computing models, algorithms, sustainable models, and advanced informatics that supports the symbiosis of mobile computing and sustainable informatics. The conference covers almost all the areas of mobile networks, computing and informatics.
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Track 1 Mobile Computing Systems and Applications Ubiquitous Networked Applications Mobile Edge Computing Mobile Data Management and Applications Internet of Things Mobile Cloud Computing Models and Applications Wearable Mobile Computing Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Architectures Mobile Crowdsourcing Techniques Energy Efficient Mobile Systems Design Novel Software Models for Mobile Devices Social Networks and Mobile Web Location and Context Sensing Technologies Mobile User Interfaces and Interaction Technologies Intelligent Infrastructure Support Technologies Peer-to-Peer Mobile Networks Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Networks Energy-Aware Mobile Computing Models Sustainable Mobile Network Models and Architectures Track 2 Sustainable Data Analytics and Modeling Sustainable Resource Management Techniques Big Data Analytics Sustainable Data Mining Techniques AI and Computational Intelligence in Sustainable Informatics Sustainable Information Retrieval Techniques Sustainable Cities Sustainable Information Systems Energy-Efficient Data Management Techniques Mobile User Interfaces and Interaction Models Sustainable Developments and Technologies Sustainable Information Modelling Energy-Efficient Data Management Techniques
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SENSORNETS 2022 — 11th International Conference on Sensor Networks
07 fév 2022 - 08 fév 2022 • Vienne, Autriche
INSTICC, the Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication
The use of sensors is familiar to citizens as they are incorporated in many devices including smartphones, vehicles, appliances, smartwatches, among others. The use of sensor networks is spreading faster everyday, and some examples are their application in agriculture, health, energy, environment, industry, smart cities, etc. These sensors are usually part of a set of sensors, which are interconnected with each other, and usually with a coordinating (sink)  node. Depending on the application and the types of sensors that interact or from which information is collected, the links will be established using different standards depending on requirements: range, bandwidth, power consumption, etc.. Due to its configuration flexibility and lower deployment cost, wireless sensor networks have become the most popular. Nevertheless, several issues and challenges must be faced by engineers to guarantee the highest QoS, as security, channel reliability, battery life, interoperability with other networks, etc. Sensor networks performance rely on several impacting factors which must be investigated: network architecture, operating system, hardware implementation, radio interface, protocols, sensors technology, which must be optimized to achieve the highest availability, reliability, throughput and power saving. In these networks, each node may be equipped with a variety of sensors, such as acoustic, seismic, infrared, motion, biomedical and chemical sensors with higher level of information inference associated with identification, embedded signal processing and networking of the data. This conference intends to be the meeting point of researchers and practitioners to share experiences and ideas on innovative developments in any aspect of sensor networks, including Hardware of Sensor Networks, Wireless Communication Protocols, Sensor Networks Software, Hardware and Architectures, Wireless Information Networks, Channel Characterization, Data Manipulation, Signal Processing, Localization and Object Tracking through Sensor Networks, Modelling and Simulation, Applications and Uses. Papers describing original work are invited in any of the areas listed below. Accepted papers, presented at the conference by one of the authors, will be published in the proceedings of SENSORNETS. Acceptance will be based on quality, relevance and originality. There will be both oral and poster sessions. Special sessions, dedicated to case-studies and commercial presentations, as well as technical tutorials, dedicated to technical/scientific topics, are also envisaged.
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ICICV 2022 — 4th International Conference on Intelligent Communication Technologies and Virtual Mobile Networks
10 fév 2022 - 11 fév 2022 • Tirunelveli, Inde
Francis Xavier Engineering College
4th International Conference on Intelligent Communication Technologies and Virtual Mobile Networks (ICICV 2022) aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences, the state of the art and practice of cloud computing, identify emerging research topics, communication technologies and define the future of intelligent communication approaches, cloud computing and research results about all aspects of Engineering Technology and Innovation. All topics regarding cloud computing align with the theme of Virtual Mobile Cloud and Communication Technologies. Such applications will have incredible impacts on almost every feature of our daily life, including transportation, e- commerce, healthcare, safety and location privacy, smart home and smart city, social interaction, and many more. We will celebrate our 2021 version of gathering, to strive to advance the largest international professional forum on virtual mobile cloud computing and communication technologies.
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Intelligent Communications Technologies • Advanced 5G/6G Network Architectures • Intelligent Communication Environments • Internet of Things [IoT] • Communication Security, Standards, and Applications • Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction Models • Millimetre and Terahertz Communications • Big Data Mining and Data-Driven Communication Models • Collaborative Communication Models • Security, Privacy and Trust Communication Technologies • Social Interaction and Mobile Communications • Internet Virtualization and Cloud • Machine Learning and Wireless Communication Research • Wearable Computing and Communication Models • Virtual Reality and Extended Reality Models • Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Techniques • Cooperative and Cognitive Virtual Networks • Network Traffic Analysis and Modelling • Next-Generation Adaptable and Automated Virtual Networks
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IOTCS 2022 — The International Conference on Internet of Things and Computer Science
18 fév 2022 - 20 fév 2022 • Oxford, Royaume-Uni
We are very happy to welcome you to the 2022 International Conference on Internet of Things and Computer Science (IOTCS), held in Oxford, United Kingdom, between 18-20 February 2022.
Computer Science and Cloud Computing; Algorithms and Bioinformatics; Analytics Applications; Architecture support for cloud computing; Autonomic Business Process and Workflow Management in Clouds; Big Data; Big data management and analytics; Blockchain; Cloud Workload Profiling and Deployment Control; Compliance Management in Cloud; Computer Architecture and Real time Systems; Data Mining; Data Privacy; Database, Data Mining and Big Data; Deep Learning; Dependable, Reliable and Autonomic computing; Distributed and Cloud Networking; Internet of Things and Smart Technology; 5G and next generation networks; Artificial Intelligence for IOT; Agriculture IoT applications; Business system for IoT;
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AMC 2022 — 2022 IEEE 17th International Conference on Advanced Motion Control
18 fév 2022 - 20 fév 2022 • Padova – virtual, Italie
AMC2022 is the 17th in a series of biennial international conferences on Advanced Motion Control, sponsored by the Industrial Electronics Society of IEEE, which aims at bringing together researchers from both academia and industry, and to promote ubiquitous motion control technologies and applications.
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ICAIS 2022 — International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Smart Systems (ICAIS 2022)
23 fév 2022 - 25 fév 2022 • Coimbatore, Inde
JCT College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore
Recent years have witnessed the evolution of Artificial Intelligence [AI] techniques like deep learning, machine learning, pattern recognition, Natural language processing [NLP], and computer vision and their revolutionary applications in the emerging smart city and industrial automation applications. In this scenario, AI provides smart and efficient tools for smart energy systems to perform smart electricity generation, emergency response, and delivery. The integration of renewable energy sources into the smart grid is made easier by using Artificial intelligence technologies. Meanwhile, Machine Learning the subset of Artificial intelligence provides some security and privacy assessment tools to the evolving smart energy grids. As Artificial Intelligence [AI] techniques are still remaining in the initial stage to revolutionize the way we generate, transmit and consume the energy in the smart city and industrial infrastructure. It is clearly known that the integration of AI in smart energy models will deliver a wide range of potential research opportunities to the smart energy management community. The main goal of the International Conference on Artificial intelligence and Smart Systems [ICAIS 2022] organized by JCT College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India on 23-25, February 2022 is to propose, share and exchange innovative Artificial Intelligence [AI] solutions to enhance the efficiency, stability, robustness, and security of smart energy systems.
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Artificial Intelligence · Capsule Networks · Smart Agent-based Systems · Machine Learning · Fuzzy based Intelligent Systems · Evolutionary Computing · Expert Systems · Human-Computer Interaction Technologies · Cognitive Intelligence · Artificial Immune Systems · Cyber-Physical Systems · Artificial life · Knowledge-based Systems · Artificial Neural Networks · Computational Intelligence · Neuro-Fuzzy Models and Techniques · Intelligent Estimation and Classification Models · Hybrid Intelligence · Internet of Intelligent Things · Quantum Computing · Cyber-Security Models and Techniques · Reinforcement Learning Smart Systems · Deep Learning based Smart Energy Systems · Innovative Energy Control and Management Techniques · AI in Renewable Energy Systems · Smart Power and Energy Systems · Distributed Energy Systems · Active Power Generation Models · Intelligence Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance Technologies · Smart Process monitoring and Control Strategies · Techniques to Reduce Energy Consumption · Smart Energy Optimization Techniques · Neural Estimation for Energy Consumption · Predictive Control, planning and Scheduling algorithms · Dynamic Control of Energy Systems · Distributed Computing and Control in Energy Systems · Secured and Privacy-preserving analytics for Smart Energy Systems · Innovation Quantum Computing Processes in Energy Systems
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20 nov 2021
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ICUIS 2022 — 2nd International Conference on ubiquitous computing and intelligent information systems
10 mar 2022 - 11 mar 2022 • Erode, Inde
Shree Venkateshwara Hi-Tech Engineering College, Tamil Nadu, India
The rapid development of Information and Communication Technologies [ICT], which has the ability to completely change the way people communicate and interact with each other and the environment. In this scenario, recently ubiquitous computing is emerging as the new research paradigm that implements a pervasive usage of intelligent computing technologies in the emerging cyber-physical domains. The 2nd International Conference on ubiquitous computing and intelligent information systems [ICUIS 2022] organized by Shree Venkateshwara Hi-Tech Engineering College, Tamil Nadu, India on 10-11, March 2022 aims to develop a new research forum for researchers, academicians and industrialist to share and exchange their potential insights on the design, implementation and analysis of ubiquitous computing models in intelligent information systems.
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Ubiquitous Computing and Communications: Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing and Networks, Embedded Computing Frameworks, Modelling and Analysis of Ubiquitous Information Systems, Communication Networking Models, High Performance Computing, Pervasive Communication Networks, Autonomic Computing Models, Big Data Models and Applications, Ubiquitous Information Processing Platforms, Distributed Sensing Models and Applications, Secured Authentication and Authorization Models, Ubiquitous Information Processing Systems, Smart Resource Management Techniques, Peer-to-Peer Computing Models, Sustainable Ubiquitous Computing Models and Applications, Novel Mobility Management Techniques, Next-Generation Ubiquitous Networks and Protocols' Intelligent Information Systems: Novel Information Process Modeling and Management, Advanced Intelligent Systems, Internet of Things, Human-Computer Interaction Models, Digital Informatics, Wireless Communication and Storage Networks, System Information Modelling Techniques, Artificial and Computational Intelligence Models, Performance Analysis and Evaluation Techniques, Intelligent Information Retrieval Techniques, Mobile Data Management Techniques, AI based Intelligent Information Visualization Techniques, Intelligent Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Models, Fuzzy based Optimization Techniques, Ontology-based Intelligent Information Systems, Fuzzy based Control and Optimization Models, Cognitive Informatics, Energy-efficient and Sustainable Informatics, Smart Automation Systems, Healthcare Informatics and Bioinformatics Models, Security and Privacy of Intelligent Information Systems, Smart Distributed Information Systems'
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The ACM Web Conference
25 avr 2022 - 29 avr 2022 • Lyon, France
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Since the invention of the World Wide Web in 1989, The Web Conference (formerly known as International World Wide Web Conference, abbreviated as WWW) is a yearly international academic conference on the topic of the future direction of the World Wide Web. This conference has been the premier venue to present and discuss progress in research, development, standards, and applications of the topics related to the Web.
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WFCS 2022 — 18th IEEE International Conference on Factory Communication Systems
27 avr 2022 - 29 avr 2022 • Pavia – hybrid, Italie
The conference, supported by IEEE and IES and led by the Technical Committee on Factory Automation, will be hosted by the University of Pavia in collaboration with the Institute Industrial IT (inIT) of the Technische Hochschule OWL in Lemgo, Germany.
WFCS is the largest IEEE conference especially dedicated to communications for (industrial) automation systems. Its main aim is to provide a forum for researchers, developers and practitioners to review and discuss most recent trends in the area and share innovative research directions.
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07 mar 2022
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ICPS 2022 — 2022 IEEE 5th International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems
24 mai 2022 - 26 mai 2022 • Coventry, Royaume-Uni
University of Warwick in Coventry, United Kingdom
ICPS 2022 aims to provide a platform to share quality research and professional interactions for the development of sciences in regard to Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS). Industry experts, researchers and academics will share ideas and experiences surrounding frontier technologies, breakthroughs, innovative solutions, research results, as well as initiatives related to industrial cyber-physical systems and their applications.
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15 jan 2022
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MECO 2022 — 11th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing
07 jui 2022 - 11 jui 2022 • Budva, Monténégro
MECO (11th Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing) is a project of very successful events in embedded and general computing dated from 2012. It is an International Scientific Forum aimed to present and discuss the leading achievements in the modelling, analysis, design, validation and application of embedded computing systems, as well as, in the broader sense of complete computer systems with applications and related fields. MECO is one of the most referenced conferences in Embedded Computing, Cyber-physical Systems and Internet of Things. Moreover, MECO covers some other fields related to the computing and electrical engineering in general. This year MECO will take place in Budva, Montenegro, June 7th-10th, 2022 in Hotel Budva. Both the place and Venue are loved by participants of previous conferences. MECO provides an opportunity for scientists, engineers, and researchers to discuss new applications, design problems, ideas, solutions, research and development results, experiences and work-in-progress in these important technological areas.

MECO covers the theory, technology, design and applications of systems supported by smart computers, such as embedded/cyber-physical systems and the internet of things. With an excellent citation score and strong keynote programme featuring outstanding, multidisciplinary speakers, including Nobel laureates, the conference has become a major event in the computing systems calendar.

MECO is a conference of highest scientific and professional recognition, INDEXED in the distinguished Databases or Digital Libraries as IEEE xPlore. SCOPUS, WoS, Microsoft Academic etc.

The outstanding papers in extended version will be invited for publication in Elsevier’s SCIE journal Microprocessors and Microsystems, operated by our strategic partner EUROMICRO.

For the authors who are late in the application or their research is not completed to the level of regular paper, MECO gives the possibility of publication in its Works in Progress Session. These articles may be shorter and less complete than regular conference papers, but they undergo a regular review. They are published in our WiPiEC Journal, covered by Google Scholar (not by IEEE XPlore).

Technical topics

Software and Hardware Architectures for Embedded Systems

Systems on Chip (SoCs) and Multicore Systems

Communications, Networking and Connectivity

Sensors and Sensor Networks

Mobile and Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing

Distributed Embedded Computing

Real-Time Systems

Reconfigurable Systems

Design Methodology and Tools

System Architecture Synthesis

Ontology engineering

Description logic for ontology engineering

Multi-objective Optimization

Low-power Design and Energy Management

Hardware/Software Simulation

Rapid prototyping

Testing and Benchmarking

Micro and Nano Technology

Internet of Things

Organic/Flexible/Printed Electronics


VLSI Design and Implementation

Microcontroller and FPGA Implementation

Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems

Cloud Computing in Embedded System Development

Cyber physical systems

Digital Filter Design

Digital Signal Processing and Applications

Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing

Embedded Systems in Multimedia and Communications

Consumer Electronics

Wearable Health Care

Advanced signal processing

Emergency and Disaster Management

Identification and Supervision Systems

Industrial, Bio-Medical, Automotive and Avionic Systems

Embedded Robotics, Instrumentation and Measurement

Embedded Systems in Energy Efficiency, and

ICT for smart grids

Embedded systems for electric energy production, transmission and markets

…. other related areas

Also, MECO fosters the side areas which are important for development of knowledge based society and smart environment. The special attention has been given to educational aspects and student’s research activities via Education and MECO Student Challenges Sessions.


MECO is very well indexed conferences. It belong to the best indexed conferences in the areas of:

Computer Science

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Graphics and Computer-Aided Design

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Human-Computer Interaction

Internet of Things (IoT)

Cyber Physical Systems and similar fields

MECO and CPS&IoT (former ECYPS) are from 2012 covered by:

IEEE Xplore, (See See MECO Library)

SCOPUS (from 2012…)

Web of Science, (WoS)

Google Scholar,

Research Gate,

Microsoft Academic,

And practically all relevant database and digital libraries

SJRScimago Journal & Country Rank is with around H index=6,

MANT Team;     Tél.: [+38220269809];     Email.:
Embedded Computing; Internet of Things; Cyber Physical Systems; General Computing; Related fields;
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15 fév 2022
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ICICNIS — 3rd International Conference on IoT Based Control Networks and Intelligent Systems
01 jul 2022 - 02 jul 2022 • Kerala, Inde
In recent years, Internet of Things [IoT] technology envisions to develop a hyper- connected world, where the intelligent systems can communicate and control each other to deliver highly diversified services and applications to the users. The primary motivation of ICICNIS 2022 is to deliver state-of-the-art research insights on Internet of things [IoT] paradigm to access, manage and control the objects/things/people working under various information systems and deployed under wide range of applications like smart cities, health care, industries, smart homes, etc. International Conference on IoT Based Control Networks and Intelligent Systems [ICICNIS 2022] aims to showcase the ongoing research works and efforts in the domain of computation management, control networks in IoT Systems. This issue will provide the opportunity for the researchers/academicians/industrialists to gain intensive knowledge on the new emerging IoT technologies and applications.
Tél.: [7339177458];     Email.:
Call for Paper Each of the below-mentioned topic areas is expanded but the sub-topics list is not comprehensive. Papers may address one or more of the listed sub-topics, although authors should not be limited by it. The unlisted topics that are related to the mentioned sub-topics are also acceptable, provided they fit in any of the following primary topic areas: Internet of Things [IoT] Architecture Ubiquitous Networking and Communication protocols Machine-to-Machine Communications IoT architecture with 5G and beyond networks Data Analytics and Big Data Architectures Hardware and Software Architectures for IoT and IoE Architectures for IoT and Service Computing Intelligent Communication Infrastructure Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Analytics Multimedia Data and Analysis Internet of Things [IoT] Models Robotic and autonomous IoT Models Web of Things Cloud/Edge Computing based Models Interoperability and Self-adaptation Models Security and Privacy in IoT Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Models Authentication and Authorization Models Performance Evaluation, Modelling and Analysis Computing and Control Networks Distributed Computing and Control Networks Intelligent Sensing, Actuation and Control Control Theory and Applications Autonomous Control and Sensor Systems Smart and Robust Control Systems Networked Control Systems Multi-objective Optimization Control and Smart Grids Fuzzy and Neural Network based Control Techniques Heterogeneous Wireless Networks and Control Applications Large Scale Data Processing and Applications Healthcare Automotive Industries and Industry 4.0 Smart Cities Intelligent Virtual Environment Security Applications Mobile and Wearable Applications Social Networks and E-Commerce
Date limite de soumission des résumés:
15 avr 2022
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AIM 2022 — 2022 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics
11 jul 2022 - 15 jul 2022 • Sapporo, Japon
The AIM is co-sponsored by IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS), IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES), and ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division (DSCD).
On behalf of the Organizing Committee of IEEE/ASME AIM 2022, we would like to warmly welcome you to the 2022 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM), being held on July 11-15, 2022, in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. The conference will highlight advanced intelligent mechatronics systems expecting their promising contribution to our society by convening the conference theme of “Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics for Social Good in the New Normal Era.” AIM 2022 is the 25th-anniversary event in the history of AIM. The organizing committee would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the progress made in the advanced intelligent mechatronics field and discuss future perspectives of this field.
Date limite de soumission des résumés:
25 fév 2022
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BDIOT 2022 — The 6th International Conference on Big Data and Internet of Things
12 aou 2022 - 14 aou 2022 • Chongqing, Chine
The South Asia Institute of Science and Engineering
2022 6th International Conference on Big Data and Internet of Things (BDIOT2022). The Conference will be held in Chongqing, China during August 12-14, 2022 co-located with VRIP 2022. BDIOT 2022 is co-sponsored by Chongqing Technology and Business University, China and University of Macau, China (Macau); and supported by North China University of Technology, China and University of Parma, Italy.
Tél.: [+86-18482379767];     Email.:
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SEST 2022 — 5th International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and Technologies
05 sep 2022 - 07 sep 2022 • Eindhoven, Pays-Bas
The area of smart energy systems and technologies (SEST) has witnessed both impressive growth and significant investments in recent years. Smart energy systems and technologies are enabling more efficient management of energy usage and supply and better planning for outage response and recovery, as well as the integration of heterogeneous technologies such as electric vehicle networks, renewable energy systems and connected consumers. Nonetheless, major research questions and engineering challenges remain, in particular in the light of increasing data streams from different parts and components of energy systems, as well as the need for enhancing their physical and cyber resilience.
Date limite de soumission des résumés:
15 dec 2021
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IROS 2022 — IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems
23 oct 2022 - 27 oct 2022 • Kyoto, Japon
As one of the flagship conferences of the robotics community, IROS has always brought together the world’s top scientists and researchers and most essential enterprises to share ideas and advances in the field. Many innovative researches and developments in intelligent robots and systems have historically been presented at the IROS conference, and IROS 2022, in the 35th-anniversary event of its history, aims to move robotics technology one step further in the theme “Embodied AI for Symbiotic Society.” IROS 2022 provides an international forum for the global robotics community to explore the frontier of science and technology in intelligent robots and systems.
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01 mar 2022
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ICM 2023 — 2023 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics
15 mar 2023 - 17 mar 2023 • Loughborough, Royaume-Uni
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ICPS 2023 — 2023 IEEE Sixth International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems
08 mai 2023 - 11 mai 2023 • Wuhan, Chine
AIM 2023 — 2023 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics
28 jui 2023 - 30 jui 2023 • Seattle, États-Unis
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