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IHSI 2020 — 2020 International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration: Integrating People and Intelligent Systems
19 fév 2020 - 21 fév 2020 • Modena, Italie
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
IHSI 2020 Conference will focus on advancing the theory and applications of artificial cognitive systems and human-artificial systems collaboration by adopting a hybrid-centered design approach that utilizes and expands on the current knowledge of human-centered design and intelligent systems supported by cognitive software and engineering, smart data analytics, large scale socioeconomic simulations, and next generation computer visualization. This interdisciplinary conference will also expand the boundaries of the current state-of-the-art by investigating the pervasive complexity that underlies the most profound problems facing contemporary society today.
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EAI HealthWear 2020 — 2nd EAI International Conference on Wearable in Healthcare
09 jui 2020 - 11 jui 2020 • Lecco, Italie
Design Department, Polytechnic University of Milan
HealthWear 2020 will bring together researchers, developers, designers and industry professionals from both Healthcare community and University to discuss key issues, opportunities and obstacles for personal health data research. These include challenges of capturing, summarizing, presenting and retrieving relevant information from heterogeneous sources to support a new vision of pervasive personal healthcare.
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Wearable technology, Design for Healthcare, Wearable Sensors, IoT and Personal Health Data Research, UX in Healthcare, UI in Healthcare, e-textile, Smart garments for Healthcare, MobileHealth, Rapid Prototyping technologies for Healthcare.
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PAAMS 2020 — Workshop on Smart Cities and Intelligent Agents
17 jui 2020 - 19 jui 2020 • L'Aquila, Italie
Smart Cities represent a new way of thinking about urban space by shaping a model that integrates aspects like energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, protection of the environment and economic sustainability. These aspects represent the goals for future software developments. Current cities provide potentially unlimited settings for intelligent agents to display their ability to react, act proactively, interact between themselves, or otherwise plan, learn, etc. in an intelligent, or rather human, manner. Therefore, the objective of this workshop is to discuss the use of agent technology in the area of Smart Cities with the goal of provide intelligence to the cities.
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