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EAI IoTaaS 2020 — The 6th International Conference on IoT as a Service
19 nov 2020 - 20 nov 2020 • Xi'an, Chine
European Alliance of Innovation and Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, China
The 6th International Conference on IoT as a Service (IoTaaS) aims to contribute to the discussion on the challenges posed by Internet of Things (IoT). The IoTaaS conference aims to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in IoT from academia and industry. IoTaaS attendees will present novel ideas, exchange points of view, and foster collaborations. In 2020, the city of Xi’an, a famous historical and cultural city of China, will host IoTaaS 2020. The conference will consist of technical symposia, tutorials, posters, demos, and workshops. All submissions to this conference will be subject to rigorous peer review before included in the technical sessions.
Networking and Communications Technologies for IoT,  Network architectures,  Ultra-dense networking technology,  Routing algorithms and protocols,  Multiple access control technology,  PHY technology,  New waveform,  5G and 6G enabling IoT technology,  802.11 based IoT technology,  M2M and V2X,  IoT Standardization,  Ad Hoc networking,  Key technologies for NB-IoT,  QoS guarantee technology,  Multi-media technology,  Information acquisition and processing technology based on artificial intelligence (AI),  Big data,  Cloud computing, fog computing, and edge computing,  Green Networking,  Sensor networking, IoT as a service,  Smart objects as a service,  IoT marketplace: for offering IoT based applications and services,  API economy: for easier and tighter integration,  Semantic Web technologies for IoT: registry, storage,  IoT delivery platforms: existing and emerging platform and architectures for exposing and interacting with IoT,  Federated IoT support,  Non Functional Requirements (NFR) for IoT : security, scalability, responsiveness and more,  Standardization: standard areas needed Business models,  IoT DevOps,  IoT context based analytics,  IoT application deployment success stories,  Mobile First IoT: mobile backend as a services (MBaaS) and smartphone as data prosumers
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