Meetings/Workshops on Regulation in Medicine and Pharmacology in the United Kingdom

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3D Cell Culture — SMi's 4th Annual 3D Cell Culture Conference
19 Feb 2020 - 20 Feb 2020 • London, United Kingdom
SMi Group
SMi’s 3D Cell Culture Conference will explore advances of organ and lab-on-a-chip, microphysiological systems, applications of technology and case studies, imaging, high throughput screening and advances in 3D cell culture models which make up core components within the 3D Cell Culture field. For the first time ever the NEW 3D Bioprinting Focus Day on 18 February 2020 will explore case studies from big pharma, biotech’s and academia exploring how bioprinting is being used in industry highlighting projects looking at stem cell therapy, drug screening and extracellular matrix scaffolds.
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Organ-on-chips, microfluidics, cell culture, 3D cell culture, 3D bioprinting, bioprinting, organoid, extracellular matrix, ECM, tissue engineering, physiochemical factors, cell-based assay, cytotoxicity, cell metabolic pathways, cancer research, molecular diagnostics, cell and gene therapy, microphysiological, co-culture systems complex in-vitro models, high throughput screening, 3D imaging, drug screening, extracellular matrix scaffolds, 3D drug development, regenerative therapies
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PSW20 — 3rd Annual Pharma Security World 2020 “Supply-Chain, Drug Serialization and Anti-Counterfeiting” Conference and Expo
25 Mar 2020 - 26 Mar 2020 • London, United Kingdom
The rising tide of counterfeit medicines are turning into a serious concern around the world, and have progressively been showing up through the real pharmaceutical supply chain, including community and online drug stores.Counterfeit drugs are not only a global public health risk, but also harm the quality of the product, the integrity of the brand, the economy and even national security.We require both countrywide and industry-level participation, and in addition public and private sector coordinated effort, to identify and definitively battle counterfeiters.
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PharmaSecurityWorld, counterfeitdrugs, Anticounterfeiting, BrandProtection, drugsecuritySerialization, Traceability, SupplyChain, IP, PharmaSupplyChain, Packaging, BrandEnforcement, BrandIntegrity, Labelling, Printing, TrackAndTrace, DrugRegulatory, RFID, fakedrugs
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