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FUN 2020 — Tenth International Conference on Fun with Algorithms
08 Jun 2020 - 10 Jun 2020 • Island of Favignana, Sicily, Italy
The Tenth International Conference on Fun with Algorithms (FUN 2020) will be held in Island of Favignana, Trapani, Sicily, Italy, on June 8 – 10, 2020. FUN is dedicated to the use, design and analysis of algorithms and data structures, focusing on results that provide amusing, witty but nonetheless original and scientifically profound contributions to the area.
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CTW2020 — 18th Cologne-Twente Workshop on Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization
15 Jun 2020 - 17 Jun 2020 • Ischia, Italy
The Cologne-Twente Workshop on Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization 2020 welcomes contributions on theory and applications of discrete algorithms, graphs and combinatorial optimization in the wider sense. The series of Cologne-Twente Workshops on Graphs and Combinatorial Optimization started with meetings organized every two years by the universities of Cologne and Twente. The organizational base was later expanded by other universities. Since 2003 the workshop is held (almost) every year.
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GABY2020 — Groups and Algebras in Bicocca for Young algebraists 2020
15 Jun 2020 - 19 Jun 2020 • Milan, Italy
University of Milano-Bicocca, Department of Mathematics
The two-year cycle of conferences "GABY - Groups & Algebras in Bicocca for Young algebraists" stems from the will to support young researchers in group theory, algebra and related topics. The convention is committed to provide an introduction to those topics of group theory and algebra that may not be readily available in any institution and that cover some of the most inviting research topics. Each conference in the series consists of three mini-courses complemented by lectures, posters, and discussion sessions. In addition, we give participants the opportunity to present their research and to expand their network of contacts with other researchers in the areas of interest to them.
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representations of groups, geometric group theory, growth of groups, amenable groups, p-adic groups
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GASCom 2020 — 12th Conference on Random Generation of Combinatorial Structures
22 Jun 2020 - 24 Jun 2020 • Universita dell'Insubria, Varese, Italy
Università dell'Insubria
The conference GASCom brings together researchers in combinatorics, algorithms, probabilities, and more generally mathematical computer science, around the theme of random and exhaustive generation of combinatorial structures, mostly considered from a theoretical point of view. In connection with this main theme, the conference is also interested in contributions in enumerative or analytic combinatorics, and interactions with other areas of mathematics, computer science, physics or biology. The conference is both interested in methods for random or exhaustive generation and in original results on combinatorial or algorithmic questions, whose solution has been made possible by an approach involving random or exhaustive generation.
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5th Erice Summer School on "Graph Theory, Algorithms and Applications"
01 Jul 2020 - 08 Jul 2020 • Erice, Sicily, Italy
Graph problems have applications in many fields and typically require multidisciplinary approaches. The fifth edition of this school aims to bring together leading scientists, junior researchers and PhD students from several areas in order to discuss, possibly in a systematic and organic way, different approaches for solving graph problems. The school is organized in plenary lectures held by internationally renowned speakers. The intended audience consists of PhD students and junior researchers interested in graph problems, coming from several areas including (but not limited to) the design, analysis and experimentation of algorithms, operations research, optimization, and discrete mathematics.
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Algebraic Combinatorics in Cetraro
06 Jul 2020 - 10 Jul 2020 • Cetraro, Italy
"Algebraic Combinatorics in" is a series of annual international conferences on Algebraic Combinatorics (in a broad sense). After the editions in Ancona and Genova, in 2020 it will take place in Grand Hotel San Michele, Cetraro. This year, the mini-courses have a special focus on positivity and log-concavity results/conjectures.
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