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Gordon Research Seminar — Physical Virology
21 Jan 2023 - 22 Jan 2023 • Lucca (Barga), LU, Italy
The Physical Virology GRS provides a unique forum for young doctoral and post-doctoral researchers to present their work, discuss new methods, cutting edge ideas, and pre-published data, as well as to build collaborative relationships with their peers. Experienced mentors and trainee moderators will facilitate active participation in scientific discussion to allow all attendees to be engaged participants rather than spectators. Emphasis on cross disciplinary approaches that deepen our understanding of virus assembly, structure and function will be highlighted, followed by how these advances have recently been applied to innovations ranging from nanomaterials to novel therapeutics.
Examining Viral Particles Across Multiple Platforms as Virology Shapes the Development of Biomaterials
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Gordon Research Conference — Physical Virology
22 Jan 2023 - 27 Jan 2023 • Lucca (Barga), LU, Italy
At the global level, viral epidemiology depends on modes of transmission and social networks; at the cellular level viruses repurpose protein interaction networks and remodel cellular compartments; on the local level the assembly and disassembly of a virus is governed by (and reveals) physical principles. Viruses also bridge multiple scientific disciplines. In biomedicine, understanding viral lifecycles provides essential information for developing antiviral agents that block infection. In more fundamental sciences, viruses are ideal model systems for studying mechanisms underlying self-assembly, genome packaging and release, allostery, membrane dynamics, and the efficient passage of nanoscale particles through membranes. The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need for these cross-disciplinary approaches to understand viral biology, predict their global spread in impact, and develop new treatments. In addition to advancing antiviral strategies and cell biology, the knowledge acquired from these studies and the viral particles themselves are enabling researchers to engineer virus-based platforms for biomedical and nanomaterials applications, such as gene delivery or optoelectronics. This natural diversity requires collaborative efforts of researchers with a wide range of expertise.
Viruses at Multiple Levels of Complexity
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Epidemics9 — 9th International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics
28 Nov 2023 - 01 Dec 2023 • Bologna, Italy
This conference regularly attracts over 500 scientists, with representatives from many of the major research groups in this area worldwide. If you want to meet many of your peers in this field, this is the place to go.
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15 Jun 2023
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