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At the interface of Physics, Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
29. Mai 2023 - 02. Jun 2023 • Pollica, Italien
Pollica Physics Center
Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing both the technological industries and fundamental sciences. While breakthroughs in long-standing and more applied problems such as playing Go or protein folding have been well-publicized, important progress has been achieved in theoretical physics through AI techniques. For example, it provides a new way for simulating lattice QCD with matter in four dimensions, or to address issues related to building string compactifications and string field theory, while also solving difficult mathematical questions (such as building a Calabi-Yau metric or solving the accessory parameter problem in Poincaré uniformization for Riemann surfaces). On the other hand, AI algorithms are notoriously resource-consuming and their results are difficult to interpret, which is a major hurdle for scientific discovery. Physics provides a natural framework to construct an effective theory of learning and improve our understanding of AI and its performances. The objective of this interdisciplinary workshop is to bring researchers of these different areas together to improve the transfer of knowledge, techniques and ideas in order to provide deeper insights into fundamental aspects of our Universe, the scientific discovery process, and artificial intelligence.
XR&AI Summer School 2023 — eXtended Reality and Artificial Intelligence International Summer School 2023
17. Jul 2023 - 22. Jul 2023 • Matera, Italien
University of Salento - AVR Lab
The International Summer School is focused on the synergy of XR&AI technologies for cultural and territorial heritage, medicine and industry. The School is open to Ph.D. and Master students, post-doctoral researchers, and academic or industrial researchers.
Organizing Committee;     Email: xr-ai-school@xrsalento.it
Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Extended Reality, Artificial Intelligence

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