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Abstract Concepts, Perception, and Language: What we think and how we say it
25 avr 2024 • Cambridge, Royaume-Uni
University of Cambridge, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics
Concepts are the lens through which humans experience and interact with the world, and as such, understanding concepts has a broad implication for understanding reality. However, the ways in which concepts are analysed are still primarily limited to Rosch’s categorisation approach from the 1970s. This workshop aims to encourage and explore innovative ways, both theoretical and experimental, of analysing and understanding the meaning of abstract concepts. This means focusing on issues concerning abstract concepts, such as their meaning, their processing and perception, and new approaches to analysing and defining them.The workshop aims to be an environment in which PhD and graduate students may present their work and get feedback from their peers, as well as those who may not traditionally fall within their discipline's boundaries. The event will also include talks from three academics: Dr. Sean Enda Power (University of Cork), Dr. Derek Ball (St Andrews University), and Prof. Kasia Jaszczolt (University of Cambridge). This will be a free, one-day event. PhD/Grad presentations will be 20-min long + 10 minutes for questions/discussion. Ongoing works will be considered and are explicitly encouraged. Abstracts for poster presentations also accepted. We invite proposals for presentations consisting of 300 words plus bibliography. Please email abstracts to both Nina Haket ( and Anastasiia Petrenko ( by 5th February 2023. Please indicate your name, affiliation, and contact details. Please submit abstracts in a .docx format. There is an option for a poster session. In case this happens, please indicate in your email whether you would prefer an oral or a poster presentation. Notification of acceptance will be provided by the end of February.
concepts, abstract concepts, meaning, semantics, pragmatics, philosophy of language, conceptual engineering
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