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DMCS 2021 — Digital Methods For Critical Consumer Studies
31 mai 2021 - 04 jui 2021 • Lake Como, Italie
Lake Como School of Advanced Studies
In the last decade Digital Methods established themselves as the main methodological paradigm for studying the Internet from a sociological perspective. Over the years, thanks to Digital Methods, scholars have cast light upon several key and emerging socio-cultural phenomena such as, like economy, echo-chambers, the platformization of the Web, social bots, fake news (just to name a few). Since the beginning, Digital Methods privileged politics as their main field of research -intended as both the politics of the medium (e.g. algorithms) and politics within the medium (e.g. climate change). Curiously enough, consumption and consumer culture received scarce attention within Digital Methods studies. This amounts to be a notable gap, since consumption is not simply one topic among the others that might be interesting to explore through Digital Methods, but rather a key phenomenon that underpins the logic of functioning of the contemporary digital landscape. Consider for example that, among the top applications that dominate the contemporary 2.0 Web (as well as govern its functioning), there are (private) companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber and Airbnb, whose business models consist in extracting data from consumers in order to deliver them consumer products, experiences and advertising. Moreover, most of the more interesting current consumer phenomena are natively digital, such as self-branding, influencer marketing or brand publics. Nevertheless, few consumer culture and marketing scholars addressed those phenomena by using Digital Methods. Indeed, a more systematic focus on Digital Methods and Consumer Studies means advancing both the disciplines.
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MESS 2020+1 - Metaheuristics Summer School
15 jui 2021 - 18 jui 2021 • Catania (virtual and onsite mode), Italie
The international Metaheuristics Summer School is aimed at qualified and strongly motivated MSc and PhD students; post-docs; young researchers, and both academic and industrial professionals to provide an overview on the several metaheuristics techniques, and an in-depth analysis of the state-of-the-art. The main theme of the 2020+1 edition is “Learning and Optimization from Big Data”, therefore MESS 2020+1 wants to focus on (i) Learning for Metaheuristics; (ii) Optimization in Machine Learning; and (iii) how Optimization and Learning affect the Metaheuristics making them relevant in handling Big Data.
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FOIS 2021 — 11th International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems
13 sep 2021 - 16 sep 2021 • Bolzano, Italie
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