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Diophantine Methods in Algebraic Dynamics
01 Aug 2021 - 06 Aug 2021 • Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada
Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery (BIRS)
Algebraic dynamics is the study of discrete dynamical systems on algebraic varieties. It has its origins in complex dynamics, where one studies self-maps of complex varieties, and now encompasses dynamical systems defined over global fields. In recent years, researchers have fruitfully investigated the latter by applying number-theoretic techniques, particularly those of Diophantine approximation and geometry, subfields which study the metric and geometric behavior of rational or algebraic points of a variety.
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Workshop on New Mathematical Theory to Understand the Effects of Evolution on Range Expansion
02 Nov 2021 - 05 Nov 2021 • The Fields Institute –Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences
Many biological species exhibit range shifts: some spread after being introduced into new environments, others follow their preferred climatic conditions under global change. Recent theoretical and empirical results highlight the importance of evolutionary change in these ecological processes. Specifically, they show that evolution can be the driving mechanism behind the range expansion of plants and animals, and that scientists may be underestimating how quickly species can move. However, the ecological and evolutionary processes involved in range expansions have mostly been studied separately, and despite recent advances in theory and experiments, making predictions about the speed of expansion is inherently difficult. The goal of this workshop is to convene mathematicians, modellers, and empiricists to exchange recent results on eco-evolutionary dynamics in species' range expansions and to develop novel mathematical frameworks to address important questions such as the relative contributions of ecological processes, evolutionary processes and environmental conditions on the speed and the variation in speed of range expansion.
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WATOC 2020 — 12th Triennial Congress of the World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists
03 Jul 2022 - 08 Jul 2022 • Vancouver, Canada
WATOC and University of British Columbia
The WATOC Congress will feature 12 plenary lectures, 252 invited lectures, 180 invited communications and as many as 900 poster presentations in computational and theoretical chemistry. The program will cover a broad range of topics in method development and applications to chemistry, biochemistry, materials and nanoscience. The program will go beyond the traditional focus of computational and theoretical chemistry with presentations on quantum computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and many other contemporary topics. The program will cater to the interests of nonspecialists. Representatives of all the major software packages will participate in the congress. Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann will offer his perspective on the future of the field with the provocative title, Simulation versus Understanding, in the final plenary lecture of the congress.
The Chemical Institute of Canada;     Phone: [1-613-232-6252];     Email:
Computational chemistry, theoretical chemistry, materials science, catalysis, medicinal chemistry, molecular dynamics simulations, biochemistry, nanoscience, machine learning, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, software development, advanced electronic structure methods.
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