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NUMTA2019 — The 3rd International Conference and Summer School "Numerical Computations: Theory and Algorithms"
15 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019 • Isola Capo Rizzuto, Crotone, Italy
The 3rd International Conference and Summer School 'Numerical Computations: Theory and Algorithms' (NUMTA2019), dedicated to the 80th birthday of Professor Roman G. Strongin, is organized by the University of Calabria, Italy, and will be held in the All Inclusive TH Le Castella Village resort, Ionian coast, Calabria, Italy, close to Crotone - the city of Pythagoras, in the period June 15-21, 2019.
Numerical analysis, optimization, machine learning, and emerging computations
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CITV — SOURIAU COLLOQUIUM - 63ème Colloque International de Théories Variationnelles
30 Jun 2019 - 05 Jul 2019 • Arpino, Italy
The Colloquium entitled SOURIAU COLLOQUIUM (formerly called “Colloque International de Théories Variationnelles”) provides today an informal setting to present and discuss the state-of-the-art and the most recent findings concerning Mathematics, Physics and their interactions.
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Venice 2019 — Quantissima in the Serenissima III, Mathematical challenges in classical & quantum statistical mechanics
19 Aug 2019 - 23 Aug 2019 • Venice , Italy
Mathematical challenges in classical & quantum statistical mechanics
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The Mechanics of Cell Aggregates: Experiments and Models
03 Sep 2019 - 06 Sep 2019 • Turin, Italy
The interest in cell aggregates is nowadays undergoing a strong acceleration because of the coincidence of technical advancements and experimental insights that excite theoretical challenges. In this respect, systems of great relevance are multicellular spheroids, where it is now possible to locally measure stress and fluid flow within the aggregate, thereby opening the path to quantitative theories to explain the role of mechanics in cell proliferation and motility. There is a well supported evidence that mechanical forces interfere with the development of solid tumors and arrest their proliferation. The coupling between cell mechanics, fluid flows, extra-cellular matrix and cell proliferation is however not trivial: malignant cells exhibit a complex rheology that accompanies an elusive mechanobiological feedback. Intriguingly, the role of fluid flows and stress is understood to be crucial in other cell aggregates, of completely different functionality: embryos exploit mechanics to generate shape and function, both in producing displacement such as lumen formation and in signaling cell-to-cell mutual positions and orientations.
tumor spheroids, embryos, single cell mechanics, monolayers, collective cell migration
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