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IEEE SCC 2020 — IEEE International Conference on Services Computing
07 jul 2020 - 11 jul 2020 • Pékin, Chine
Services account for a major part of the IT industry today. Companies increasingly like to focus on their core expertise area and use IT services to address all their peripheral needs. Services Computing is a new science which aims to study and better understand the foundations of this highly popular industry. It covers the science and technology of leveraging computing and information technology to model, create, operate, and manage business services. Like its predecessors, SCC 2020 will contribute in building the pillars of this important science and shaping the future of Services Computing.
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CIAT 2020 — 2020 IEEE International Conference on Cyberspace Innovation of Advanced Technologies
16 oct 2020 - 18 oct 2020 • Guangzhou, Chine
Academic Exchange Information Center
Cyberspace has become one of the most important areas which draws attention from both academic researches and industrial communities. With the evolution of facility capabilities and corresponding networking techniques, innovative attacking and defensing technologies have emerged for both cyberspace applications and cyberspace security. The conference aims to bring together world-class researchers, engineers, and students who concern about the advanced technologies in both cyberspace applications and its security problems. It also to provide a platform for them to discuss about the innovations and advanced technologies in cyberspace from both applications and security fields. We hope that this conference can increase academic exchanges among countries and share the latest research results, also can promote industry development and explores opportunities for cooperation.
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5G networks, data mining, artificial intelligence for cyberspace, intelligent attack and defense in cyberspace security, deep learning, probabilistic models, distributed computing, explainable neural networks, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, robotic safety, and interpretable theory of artificial intelligence
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