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Gordon Research Seminar — Plant-Herbivore Interaction
25 Feb 2023 - 26 Feb 2023 • Ventura, CA, United States
Plant-herbivore interactions have evolved in response to co-evolutionary dynamics and selection driven by abiotic conditions. The seminar will discuss the latest technological and theoretical advances aiming to unravel the evolutionary forces that determine plant-herbivore interactions, their context-dependency and potential applications to protect natural ecosystems and generate more sustainable agricultural practices. In the context of our unprecedent climate crisis, global warming is expected to affect plant interactions with beneficial and antagonistic herbivores. The GRS 2023 specifically welcomes contributions on the complexity of plant-herbivore interactions at both individual and community levels in our rapidly changing environment. Finally, in addition to the sessions dedicated to oral and poster presentations, the 2023 GRS will offer a mentoring session where young researchers will have the opportunity to discuss career planning, oriented towards academia or the private sector, with experienced researchers.
Plant-Herbivore Interactions in Action: Fundamentals to Applications
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Gordon Research Conference — Plant-Herbivore Interaction
26 Feb 2023 - 03 Mar 2023 • Ventura, CA, United States
Plant-herbivore interactions are the conduit for energy flow from the sun to the diversity of life on the planet. Understanding the genetic and chemical mechanisms underlying these interactions inform fundamental biological principles and hold the key for solving applied problems. Recent advances show that plant-herbivore interactions are at the center of networks of diverse communities, with the macroevolution of chemical defense a driver of plant and herbivore diversity. Variability in defenses affects antagonistic and mutualistic interactions, many of which are relevant for conservation. At the same time, sensory biology of herbivores operates at different spatial scales, with consequences for the effects of plant resistance in communities and in pest management applications. With each decade we are getting closer to understanding the genetic basis of adaptation, and current work in plant-herbivore interactions is revealing surprising rules that govern evolution in ecological communities. The meeting will incorporate the interactions between plants and their vertebrate and invertebrate herbivores, including pollinators and seed dispersers, and associated microbes across wild and human dominated systems. Sessions will highlight diverse speakers with diverse approaches to stimulate discussion about paths to push the discipline forward. The 15th Gordon Research Conference on Plant-Herbivore Interactions (GRC PHI) will cover a wide range of topics, including sensory biology by plants and herbivores across scales, evolution of plant defenses, multispecies interactions, applications to pest management and climate change, and how new tools are changing our discipline.
Plant Herbivore Interactions in Action: Fundamentals to Applications
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International Conference on AgriFood Biotechnology
26 Mar 2023 - 28 Mar 2023 • Sitges, Barcelona, Spain
The conference will bring together specialists in plant biotechnology, agriculture and the food sciences to share and discuss recent advances in agrifood biotechnology. Particular emphasis will be given to integrative approaches, from ecology, plant physiology and molecular biology to food chemistry and food technology, all contributing to sustainable food production and agrifood biotechnology.
Sustainable agriculture: ecological, chemical and biotechnological approaches ; Integrative approaches to improve crop production and food quality; Fruit physiology and technology: pre- and postharvest processes; Plant biotechnology to improve human nutrition
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02 Dec 2022
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Gordon Research Seminar — CO2 Assimilation in Plants from Genome to Biome
06 May 2023 - 07 May 2023 • Lucca (Barga), Italy
Gordon Research Conference — CO2 Assimilation in Plants from Genome to Biome
07 May 2023 - 12 May 2023 • Lucca (Barga), Italy
Rooting2023 — 10th International Symposium on Root Development
15 May 2023 - 18 May 2023 • Ghent, Belgium
Rooting 2023 aims to bring together scientists in plant developmental biology, agriculture, horticulture, forestry, ecophysiology and biotechnology, with a common interest in root development. It focuses on the development of adventitious, lateral and primary roots as the outcome of genetic control and the plant's interaction with the environment. Based on the tradition of the earlier symposia held in the US, Israel, The Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Germany, Sweden and the UK, the 10th International Symposium on Root Development organized in Ghent, Belgium in 2023 aims to exchange recent knowledge and ideas on fundamental and applied aspects of root induction and further development.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Plant Metabolic Engineering
10 Jun 2023 - 11 Jun 2023 • Castelldefels, Spain
Gordon Research Conference — Plant Metabolic Engineering
11 Jun 2023 - 16 Jun 2023 • Castelldefels, Spain
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ABS 2023 — The 9th International Conference on Agricultural and Biological Sciences
04 Jul 2023 - 07 Jul 2023 • Macao, China
Macao Convention and Exhibition Association
Organized by Macao Convention and Exhibition Association, the 9th International Conference on Agricultural and Biological Sciences (ABS 2023) is scheduled to be held in Macao, China as well as online during July 4th-7th, 2023.

As an annual conference held successfully in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Macao and Online (ABS 2020, ABS 2021, ABS 2022) in the past 8 years , the 9th International Conference on Agricultural and Biological Sciences (ABS 2023) will be a valuable and important platform for inspiring international and interdisciplinary exchange at the forefront of Agricultural and Biological Sciences. The series of plenary speech, oral and poster presentations, workshops, discussions and networking events will keep participants engaged in learning and making new connections at ABS 2023.

Macao is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People's Republic of China, and it is located on the Southeast coast of China to the west of the Pearl River Delta. It has a prosperous economy featuring four pillar sectors: tourism & gambling, export processing (mainly textiles and garments), banking, and construction & real estate. It is a combination of regions and architecture including squares, churches and temples that demonstrate how Chinese and Western cultures have blended over the past 400 years.

On Behalf of the organizing committee, we cordially invite all of you to participate ABS 2023 and enjoy the splendid culture of Macao.

Conference Secretariat;     Phone: [+86 17362961533];     Email:
* Agricultural Sciences Animal & plant Sciences Soil & Environmental Science Other fields in Agricultural Sciences * Biological Sciences
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Gordon Research Seminar — Photosynthesis
22 Jul 2023 - 23 Jul 2023 • Newry, ME, United States
The high efficiency of the photosynthetic machinery relies on a hierarchy of processes that take place on a variety of timescales and across a diverse range of lengths within the thylakoid membrane. Also, photosynthetic organisms must often acclimate to different light quantities and qualities: they do so by activating feedback processes that, again, take places on a variety timescales and lengths. A comprehensive view of the response of photosynthetic organisms to light is crucial not only from a fundamental point of view but, also, to pinpoint which steps of photosynthesis might possibly be manipulated for better usage of sunlight in biotechnology applications. A synergistic approach between cutting-edge experimental and theoretical methods able to unravel the different timescales and lengths of photosynthesis is therefore crucial to obtain the big picture of the working principles of photosynthetic organisms.
Photosynthesis Across Multiple Scales: Reconstructing the Hierarchy of Light-Driven Processes in the Photosynthetic Membrane
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Gordon Research Conference — Photosynthesis
23 Jul 2023 - 28 Jul 2023 • Newry, ME, United States
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Gordon Research Conference — Single-Cell Approaches in Plant Biology
30 Jul 2023 - 04 Aug 2023 • Ventura, CA, United States
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Gordon Research Conference — Plant Proteolysis
06 Aug 2023 - 11 Aug 2023 • Bryant University, Smithfield, United States
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PGE 2023 — 6th Conference on Plant Genome Evolution
24 Sep 2023 - 26 Sep 2023 • Dresden, Germany
This sixth PGE meeting will present a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with colleagues, get updated on the newest developments and insights in plant genome evolution, and will provide unique possibilities to network and discuss collaborations.
Domestication and Evolution of Crops; Decisive Moments and Inventions during Plant Genome Evolution; Polyploidy and Hybridization; Plant Genome Integrity; Climate Adaptation
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14 Apr 2023
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EMBO | EMBL Symposium — Diversity of plants: from genomes to metabolism
09 Apr 2024 - 12 Apr 2024 • Heidelberg – hybrid, Germany
European Molecular Biology Organization – EMBO
This inaugural EMBO | EMBL Symposium aims to showcase the future of plant biology. Going beyond the limited number of model plants that plant biologists have historically focused on (e.g. Arabidopsis, corn, rice), it is nowadays possible to use comparative approaches to uncover the mechanistic basis and the evolutionary drive for the enormous phenotypic variation among the 400,000 species of plants on Earth.
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