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Financial Cryptography Global
26 Oct 2024 • Suzhou, China
Zero-knowledge proofs are powerful privacy-preserving tools, which are widely used in the financial applications, especially in the field of financial cryptography. Multiple existing zero-knowledge proof protocols, such as Pinocchio, Groth16, PLONK, are developed using high-level programming languages like C++, Java, Python, Rust, etc. However, these protocols cannot directly apply to the computational problems to be proved and verified, since the computational problems first need to be transformed into the correct formats, such as Algebraic Circuit, R1CS and QAP, that are not directly programmable. Therefore, zero-knowledge proof compiler needs to be designed to compile the problem to be proved/verified based on a high-level language into a format that can be handled by zero-knowledge proof protocols such as arithmetic circuits. Existing such compilers include circom2, snarky, jsanrk, franklin-crypto, xJsnark, etc. However, they have more or less disadvantages of poor versatility or low efficiency. Hence, we need more general and efficient zero-knowledge proof compilers.
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31 Mar 2024
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BDPC 2025 — 2025 3rd International Conference on Big Data and Privacy Computing
10 Jan 2025 - 12 Jan 2025 • Fuzhou, China
2025 3rd International Conference on Big Data and Privacy Computing will be held in Fuzhou, China during January 10-12, 2025. The event is sponsored by Fuzhou University, China.
Big Data Architecture and Systems; Data Encryption and Privacy Protection; Big Data Analysis and Computing; Big Data Science and Applications; Data Security and Blockchain Application Technology;
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