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Miami Brain Symposium
09 Dec 2022 • Miami, United States
Baptist Health South Florida
The Miami Brain Symposium will focus on state-of-the-art approaches to the management of primary and metastatic central nervous systems tumors, along with an understanding of current standards of care and a look at future directions. This symposium will engage participants as the expert faculty navigate through complex cases, novel treatment strategies and lively panel discussions.
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Neuro oncology CME, Neuro oncology conference, Brain Cancer conference, Brain Cancer Symposium
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Gordon Research Seminar — Neuroimmune Communication in Health and Disease
21 Jan 2023 - 22 Jan 2023 • Ventura, CA, United States
In recent years, it has been increasingly evident that the innate and adaptive immune system intricately interact with the non-immune resident CNS cells to preserve and/or modify the function of the brain and of the organism. Reciprocally, these non-immune resident cells can also alter immune responses. These symbiotic relationships are essential for tissue development, injury response, recovery to homeostasis, and may potentially extend to the health of the progeny. Trainees from wide scientific backgrounds, from genomics to basic immunology to electrophysiology and animal behavior will contribute to a richness of topics and approaches to understanding complex neuroimmune interactions.
Uncovering Drivers and Outcomes in Neuroimmune Crosstalk
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Gordon Research Conference — Neuroimmune Communication in Health and Disease
22 Jan 2023 - 27 Jan 2023 • Ventura, CA, United States
While neuroimmunology has roots in neurology, neuroscience and immunology, the neuroimmune system has emerged as structurally and cellularly distinct from the peripheral immune system and in its ability to orchestrate a variety of developmental and homeostatic processes, as well as responses to injury, neurodegeneration, toxins and infections. Contrary to early studies that tended to categorize neuroimmune responses, including the entry of all peripheral immune cells, as pathologic, the modern view recognizes these processes may exert neuroprotective roles and contribute to normal central and peripheral nervous system functions. The goal of this meeting is to bring together speakers and attendees with an interest in neuroimmune mechanisms and interactions.
Neuroimmunology in Organismic Function: Shared Mechanisms and Reciprocal Interactions
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Miami Winter Symposium — Molecular Neuroscience: Focus on Sensory Disorders
30 Jan 2023 - 01 Feb 2023 • Miami, FL, United States
The Miami Winter Symposia have been running for 54 consecutive years, a consistent success because of the spectacular awardees, speakers, and attendees that make the three-day meeting superb. Each year has a theme and this year we have chosen molecular neuroscience with a specific reference to sensory disorders within the senses: hearing, vision, smell, taste and pain/itch/touch.

The Miami Winter Symposium 2023 will be an exclusive opportunity for scientists and researchers to broaden their horizons in an arena of cutting-edge science. Pharmaceutical and industry participants interested in advising and participating in research collaborations will find the Symposium to be an opportune interactive platform.

Hearing, Vision, Smell, Taste, Pain/itch/touch
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16 Sep 2022
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Gordon Research Conference — Functional Genomics of Human Brain Development and Disease
02 Apr 2023 - 07 Apr 2023 • Ventura, CA, United States
Gordon Research Seminar — Neurotrophic Mechanisms in Health and Disease
27 May 2023 - 28 May 2023 • Salve Regina University, Newport, RI, United States
Gordon Research Conference — Neurotrophic Mechanisms in Health and Disease
28 May 2023 - 02 Jun 2023 • Salve Regina University, Newport, RI, United States
The 2023 Gordon Conference on Neurotrophic Mechanisms in Health and Disease will cover the latest developments in neurotrophic factors, broadly defined as factors that have critical roles in neural circuit connectivity, synaptic plasticity, and behavior. Neurotrophic factors influence essentially all aspects of nervous system development; from neurogenesis to neuronal survival and death, to axon and dendrite growth and pruning, to synaptic plasticity and myelination, and to regulation of behavior. In recent years, it has become increasingly recognized that neurotrophin signaling mechanisms have critical roles in a range of human developmental disorders, adult psychiatric disorders, and in neurodegenerative diseases. Notably, several treatments that directly exploit knowledge of neurotrophin biology are now in human clinical trials for chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease, and some forms of cancer including pediatric tumors.
Neurotrophic Factor Functions in Development, Plasticity, Regeneration and Disease
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Gordon Research Seminar — Eye Movements
08 Jul 2023 - 09 Jul 2023 • Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA, United States
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Gordon Research Conference — Eye Movements
09 Jul 2023 - 14 Jul 2023 • Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA, United States
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Timescales of Plasticity and Underlying Mechanisms
10 Jul 2023 - 13 Jul 2023 • Santa Barbara, United States
UC Santa Barbara, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP)
A long-standing question in the neurobiology of learning is that of timescales. The brain can associate events that are separated by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, or longer. Yet, the known biological mechanisms for inducing changes in the synaptic connections between neurons are driven by neural events that are separated by typically no more than a few tens or hundreds of milliseconds. This conference will convene scientists studying the molecular, cellular, and circuit-level mechanisms used by the brain to bridge the multiple timescales across which events play out in the experience of an individual. The goal will be to assemble an up-to-date understanding of the set of biological mechanisms available in the brain to support associative learning across different timescales. The conference's emphasis on biological mechanisms will complement and support the main program’s more computational focus, and encourage an integrated analysis of statistical learning spanning molecular, cellular, circuit, and behavioral-level phenomena.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Cerebellum
05 Aug 2023 - 06 Aug 2023 • Bates College, Lewiston, United States
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Gordon Research Seminar — Neuroethology: Behavior, Evolution and Neurobiology
05 Aug 2023 - 06 Aug 2023 • Mount Snow, West Dover, VT, United States
Gordon Research Conference — Cerebellum
06 Aug 2023 - 11 Aug 2023 • Bates College, Lewiston, United States
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Gordon Research Conference — Neuroethology: Behavior, Evolution and Neurobiology
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