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EBIS/T2022 — 14th International Symposium on Electron Beam Ion Source and Traps
14. Jun 2022 - 17. Jun 2022 • Whistler, British Columbia, Kanada
The EBIST symposium has been held every three to four years since 1977. The goal of this symposium is to discuss the design, development, applications of electron beam ion sources and traps, and the physics with highly charged ions.
1. Progress and status of EBIS/T facilities, 2. Atomic spectroscopy of highly charged ions, 3. Charge-exchange and surface interaction with highly charged ions, 4. Charge breeding of stable and radioactive isotopes, 5. Nuclear physics with highly charged ions.
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
Applied Industrial Spectroscopy
11. Jul 2022 - 15. Jul 2022 • Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanada
The Optical Society (OSA)
Developed spectroscopic technologies with applications across industries as well as new, cutting-edge technologies in transition from development to industrial settings are encouraged. Specific areas of interest include quality control, incoming materials inspection, uses in food processing and agribusiness, and uses during product manufacture, to name a few. The conference has a focus on applications with broad reach in major markets, demonstrating the utility of a variety of spectroscopic techniques, from absorbance / reflectance / transmission, to established methods such as Raman, LIBS, FTIR, Terahertz spectroscopy, and mass spectroscopy. Fusion of multiple methods (e.g. transflection, hyperspectral LIDAR, LIBS-Raman) and machine learning calibration methods are also of interest. Examples and best practices for technology adoption are encouraged. Areas of interest include: • Food and Agriculture • Consumer goods manufacturing • Biopharmaceuticals • Biomedical • Mining • Chemicals and chemical processing • Petrochemicals • Electronics manufacturing • Energy exploration
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
ICAP 2022 — 27th International Conference on Atomic Physics
17. Jul 2022 - 22. Jul 2022 • Toronto, Kanada
Properties and dynamics of neutral or charged atoms and molecules Many-body physics of quantum gases Quantum computation and communication Quantum simulation Fundamental tests and precision measurements Quantum optics in both AMO systems and beyond, such as superconducting qubits Intense fields and ultrafast science Rydberg and artificial atoms and molecules Atomic clocks and quantum metrology Cold molecules Out-of-equilibrium quantum systems Applications of AMO physics to technology
Einsendeschluss für Abstracts:
01. Jun 2022
7th International Conference on Vibrational Optical Activity
07. Aug 2022 - 11. Aug 2022 • Edmonton, Kanada
Chiral, enantiopure compounds play an increasingly important role in modern society, as many pharmaceutical compounds, e.g. active compounds, mimics and biologics, are chiral. In modern regulatory work, the absolute configuration of such compounds must be accessed, as must the stability and structural integrity of biologics and generics of these. Therefore, techniques suitable for accurate absolute configuration assignment and detailed structural analysis are in high demand in research and industry. The VOA conference series aims to present the cutting edge in research and development in the field of vibrational optical activity (VCD and ROA) and beyond, highlighting developments in chiroptical spectroscopy, experimentally as well as theoretically, bringing together the leading scientists in the field for stimulating presentations and discussions of the newest trends and applications of this diverse group of techniques.

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