Tagungen und Workshops zum Thema Thermodynamik, Hydrodynamik und Statistische Mechanik

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74th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics
21. Nov 2021 - 23. Nov 2021 • Phoenix, Vereinigte Staaten
Anomalous Diffusion Workshop
01. Dez 2021 - 03. Dez 2021 • Barcelona, Catalunya, Spanien
The workshop, which brings together a multidisciplinary community of scientists, includes oral presentations by the top-ranking participants of the AnDi Challenge and invited speakers. Since Albert Einstein provided a theoretical foundation for Robert Brown’s observation of the movement of particles within pollen grains suspended in water, significant deviations from the laws of Brownian motion have been uncovered in a variety of animate and inanimate systems, from biology to the stock market. Anomalous diffusion, as it has come to be called, is connected to non-equilibrium phenomena, flows of energy and information, and transport in living systems.

Identifying the physical origin of this behavior and calculating its exponent ? is crucial to understand the nature of the systems under observation. However, the measurement of these properties from the data analysis of trajectories is often limited especially for trajectories that are short, irregularly sampled or featuring mixed behaviors. In the last years, several methods have been proposed to quantify anomalous diffusion, going beyond the classical calculation of the mean squared displacement.

The AnDi Challenge aims at bringing together a multidisciplinary community of scientists working on this problem. The use of the same reference datasets will allow an unbiased assessment of the performance of published and unpublished methods for characterizing anomalous diffusion from single trajectories.

Jean-Morlet Chair whole semester on Nonlinear PDEs in Fluid Dynamics
01. Jan 2022 - 30. Jun 2022 • CIRM Luminy, Marseille, Frankreich
The field of nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) in Fluid Dynamics has seen tremendous scientific activity in the last decade, due to the facts that the underlying governing equations have a very rich and complex structure and that many of these equations still lack basic understanding concerning global existence and uniqueness of smooth solutions. The PDEs modeling and describing fluid flows play an important role in various areas of mathematics, natural sciences and also engineering. This special semester at CIRM will focus on nonlinear PDEs arising in incompressible fluid dynamics, such as Euler- and Navier-Stokes equations, geophysical flows, liquid crystals and complex fluids, non-homogeneous fluids and critical spaces. The semester will feature an international conference, a large research school for young researchers, a thematic workshop, research in pairs events and a program of invitations open to early graduate researchers as well as more senior guests.
BIRS Workshop — Stochastic Approaches to Turbulence in Hydrodynamical Equations: New Challenges at the Mathematics-Physics Interface
27. Feb 2022 - 04. Mär 2022 • Banff, Alberta, Kanada
Banff International Research Station (BIRS) for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery
NURETH 19: Lead the Flow! — 19th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics
06. Mär 2022 - 11. Mär 2022 • Brüssel, Belgien
SCK CEN and the von Karman Institute, in collaboration with NRG and ANS
“Nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics isn’t about going-with-the-flow. It is about mastering the flow, guaranteeing, understanding and predicting it for the safe operation of existing nuclear power plants and the development of new nuclear technologies. The International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics is one of the premier gatherings for experts in nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics and related topical areas. The meeting is held every two years and cycles through the North America, Europe and Asia. Can you already feel the positive energy? We do and we are ready to welcome you!”
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31. Mär 2021
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Population Dynamics and Statistical Physics in Synergy
06. Mär 2022 - 12. Mär 2022 • Oberwolfach , Deutschland
Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO, Oberwolfach Research Institute for Mathematics)
Diffusion Fundamentals 2022 — IXth edition of the Diffusion Fundamentals conference
21. Sep 2022 - 24. Sep 2022 • Krakau, Polen
The organizers of the IXth edition of the Diffusion Fundamentals conference held in Kraków (Poland) from 21st to 24th September 2022 intend to continue the 16-years tradition of the series. Invitation to attend the conference is addressed to the wide milieu of scientists interested in diverse concepts of diffusion – understood not only as a movement of material bodies in all scales but also as any spreading phenomena in diverse areas of knowledge.
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