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10th Young Researcher Meeting, Rome 2019
18. Jun 2019 - 21. Jun 2019 • Rom, Italien
The Young Researcher Meeting is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a four-day conference to be held in Rome on June 18th – 21st 2019. The conference will be organised in sessions, each one dedicated to an active research field in Physics. The rich program of the event will also feature invited talks, a poster & wine session, a round table discussion on the connection between physics and industry, a visit to the laboratories of the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics in Frascati (INFN – LNF) and a guided walking tour of ancient Rome.

Undergraduates, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers are invited to apply for talks or poster presentations.

Deadlines for abstract submission are: April 19th for talks and May 6th for posters.

Further information can be found on the conference website.

International Physicists Network;     Email: yrm.secretary@iphysnet.com
05. Sep 2019 - 07. Sep 2019 • Macerata, Italien
The aim of the conference is to encourage multi- and interdisciplinary aggregation of colleagues – students and scholars from academic, research, and professional fields working on colour and light, approaching them from a professional and scientific point of view. The conference will star with invited tutorials on different colour-related topics. The scientific program will be organised in two parallel sessions, one in Italian and the other in English. Objective of the conference: to favor the multi and interdisciplinary aggregation of all the realities that in Italy deal with color and light from a scientific, didactic and professional point of view.
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
Causality in the quantum world: harnessing quantum effects in causal inference problems workshop
17. Sep 2019 - 20. Sep 2019 • Anacapri (Capri), Italien
"Causality in the quantum world: harnessing quantum effects in causal inference problems" workshop aims to bring together researchers working on causality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, quantum information and quantum foundations and foster collaborations and the emergence of new and exciting ideas in an interdisciplinary context. The Workshop is organized within the Q-Causal Project Grant ID:61084 funded by the John Templeton Foundation. The Wokshop topics will cover the latest theoretical developments and experimental implementations of quantum causality and inference problems. We will have keynote, invited an contributed speakers together with a poster session.
Email: giulianapensa@gmail.com
Causal Inference, Causal Structures and Space-Time, Indefinite Causal Orders, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Non-locality and Contextuality, Quantum Networks
nes2019 — New Trends in Nonequilibrium Stochastic Multistable Systems and Memristors
18. Okt 2019 - 21. Okt 2019 • Erice, Italien
The Conference, while focusing on memristors, fits the general context of complex systems, metastability, and the constructive role of noise in nonlinear systems. The Conference indeed brings together leading experts and research groups, working on the development of memristors as building blocks for quantum and neuromorphic computing, but it is also addressed to scientists interested in the challenging problems connected with the dynamics of nonequilibrium multistable systems and memristor devices, from both theoretical and experimental point of view. The Conference will be a discussion forum to promote new ideas in this promising research field, concerning stochastic nonlinear models, phase transitions phenomena in memristive devices, control of memory lifetime, and memcomputing. The Course “New Trends in Nonequilibrium Stochastic Multistable Systems and Memristors” belongs to the International Workshop Series on New Trends in Nonequilibrium Systems.
Email: nes2019@unipa.it
memristor, memristive materials, memcomputing, multistable systems, multistability, nonlinear systems, stochastic processes, noise, phase transitions phenomena
Verwandte Fachgebiete:
QFC2019 — Quantum gases, fundamental interactions and cosmology - Second Edition
23. Okt 2019 - 26. Okt 2019 • Pisa, Italien
The Conference on Quantum gases, fundamental interactions and cosmology- Second Edition (QFC 2019) will be held in Pisa from 23 to 26 October 2019. Aim of the conference is to bring together scientists in both experimental and theoretical physics from the fields of ultracold quantum gases, fundamental interactions, and cosmology, with the aim of sharing and brainstorming on challenging open common problems, which can be zoomed in and out via a cross-disciplinary approach.

After QFC 2017, the Conference will be in its each second edition of a series of appointments to be held each second year.

The mutual frontiers among these three apparently separated disciplines have been recently blossoming with new innovative, cutting edge research. To the well-established connections between cosmology and high-energy physics, current bright examples are the research activities in analogue gravity and superfluid analogies of cosmological phenomena, and of quantum simulations of lattice gauge theories using ultracold atoms in optical lattices. We intend to use this momentum and opportunities to establish strong collaborations among participants and leading groups to open new pathways leading to breakthrough results, in this spirit, the keynote speakers of the first edition, QFC2017, have been invited and have joined the Scientific Advisory Board.

Email: maria.luisa.chiofalo@unipi.it
Quantum fluids, fundamental physics, analogue gravity, cosmology

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