Konferenzen zum Thema Quantenmaterialien, Tieftemperaturphysik in Italien

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SuperFOx 2020 — Conference on Superconductivity and Functional Oxides
10. Feb 2020 - 12. Feb 2020 • Santa Margherita, Italien
SuperFOx was born in 2012 from the merging of SATT (conferenza nazionale di Superconduttività ad Alta Temperatura di Transizione) and FOxE (Congresso Nazionale sugli Ossidi Funzionali per l'Elettronica), and since its first edition, it has been characterized by an international profile. Following the evolution of current research trends, new scientific topics have been included in the SuperFOx program, with the aim of promoting knowledge exchange between adjacent fields of research in solid-state physics.
IBS2app — International Workshop on the Iron-based Superconductors
12. Feb 2020 - 14. Feb 2020 • Santa Margherita, Italien
The purpose of this Workshop is to present and share recent developments and research directions in the field of the Iron-based superconductors with an open-minded focus on challenges, key results and expectations and to promote international collaborations and exchange of ideas in this field.
Materials, Pinning and Vortex Matter, Bulk Magnets, Thin Films and Devices, Wires, Tapes and Coated Conductors
CIMTEC 2020 — 9th International Conference Science and Engineering of Novel Superconductors
15. Jun 2020 - 23. Jun 2020 • Montecatini Terme, Italien
This Conference follows those on the analogous topics in 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2014, 2018 organized in the frame of CIMTEC. On one side it will highlight the progresses achieved along the last years in the various issues of fundamental and technological character of the already known superconducting materials. On another side, the Conference will be focused on the recently discovered materials, their characterization, synthesis and processing and the prospective applications. Following the mission of the previous conferences of this type, the focus will be on novel aspects, issues and systems, but attention will be paid as well to all superconducting-related topics, including fundamental aspects of theory, advances in synthesis, functionalization and processing and the latest progresses in the areas of the devices at small scale and large scale ranges.

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