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Spin Cavitronics IV - optomagnonics, cavity spintronics
28. Sep 2021 - 02. Okt 2021 • Sendai, Japan
This workshop is going to be the fourth in a series held previously at the Max-Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen 2017, as a SPICE workshop in Mainz 2018, and at the Cavendish Lab., Cambridge 2019 that started after the discovery of strong coupling between photons and magnons. This breakthrough elevated magnons to become alternatives to e.g. photons and phonons as conduits of quantum and classical information. Research on the interaction of photons and magnons is referred to as optomagnonics, cavity spintronics, and spin cavitronics, with increasing inclusiveness with related fields. This workshop series aims to provide a platform for new developments in the core issues of spin cavitronics. We invite the spintronics and magnetism community since the expertise in magnetic materials and devices is essential. The workshop will also provide interfaces to related fields such as optomechanics, atom optics, quantum optics, and quantum information with similar concepts, goals, and techniques.
Spintronics: Functional (ferri, antiferro, ferro, 2D, …) magnetic materials and devices Spin and magnon transport (DC, AC, noise, …) Non-linear and quantum magnonics Spins and magnets in microwave cavities: (Ultra) strong coupling Driven systems Complex system and magnon chemistry. Magnetooptics and optical control: Strong coupling in optical resonators THz magnonics and metamaterials Quantum effects in related fields (tutorials): Optomechanics, Josephson junctions, NV-Centers Semiconductor spintronics Photonics Phononics Quantum information
MT27 — 27th International Conference on Magnet Technology
15. Nov 2021 - 19. Nov 2021 • Fukuoka, Japan
ICFPM 2022 — International Conference on Fine Particle Magnetism
30. Mai 2022 - 03. Jun 2022 • Yokohama, Japan
2023 Intermag Conference
15. Mai 2023 - 19. Mai 2023 • Sendai, Japan
ISEM 2023 — 21st International Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 2023
12. Nov 2023 - 15. Nov 2023 • Tokyo, Japan
The ISEM is an international conference held once every two years with the intention of encouraging scientific and technical cooperation in the interdisciplinary fields. The Symposium will focus on applications of electromagnetics and mechanics, with an emphasis on both basic science and early engineering developments in these interdisciplinary fields. The symposium strongly encourages the practical application of emerging technologies to problems of direct relevance to industries. Consequently, both theoretical and applied research topics are of strong interest.
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