Konferenzen zum Thema Astronomie, Astrophysik und Kosmologie in Vietnam

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SFDE2020 — Star formation in different environments 2020
24. Aug 2020 - 28. Aug 2020 • Quy Nhon, Vietnam
ICISE, Quy Nhon, Vietnam
To continue the SFDE series that were organized in 2016 and 2017 held in ICISE, Quy Nhon, Vietnam, we will get together again in 24-28 August 2020 to discuss the recent progress in star formation. From 22-23, there will be a bootcamp for young students. The conference will highlight the recent advances in all directions in observations, numerical simulations, and theory of star formation in different environments, from individual star to galaxy systems. The idea is to search for a universal picture of star formation across all scales and also identify the characteristics of each individual scale. The conference will cover all aspects of star formation, including core-collapse, turbulence, chemistry, magnetic field, filaments, converging flows and cloud-cloud-collision.

The goal of the conference is to share the different views from different research communities by balancing contributions from different categories and to encourage collaborations between researchers across the Globe. Ample time is set aside to encourage discussions and collaboration. The meeting consists of invited reviews, invited talks, contributed talks, and posters. The conference also aims at fostering close collaboration via smaller size focus group discussion and excursion. There is also a bootcamp training school prior to the conference for local students.

Chair;     Tel.: [+1-6479141612];     Email: qnguyen@nsc.nagoya-cu.ac.jp
star formation, interstellar medium, galaxy, observation, physics, astronomy, astrophysics, protostars, young planet
Planetary Science: The Young Solar System
06. Sep 2020 - 12. Sep 2020 • ICISE, Quy Nhon, Vietnam, Vietnam
For decades scientific researchers have wondered how the solar system formed and evolved. This active field of research is populated with cosmochemists, planetary scientists, geologists, geophysicists and astronomers, among others, who all try to unravel what happened over 4.5 billion years ago. Yet despite all these international efforts the nature of the formation and evolution of the young solar system and the proclivity of the terrestrial planets to support a (long-term) biosphere remains obscure. It makes sense at this time to synthesis what we know, highlight key points of agreement and contention, and to provide recommendations for scientific progress.

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