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NUMDIFF-16 — Conference on the Numerical Solution of Differential and Differential-Algebraic Equations
06 sep 2021 - 10 sep 2021 • University Halle, Allemagne
The conference is devoted to all numerical aspects of time-dependent differential equations and differential-algebraic equations.
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paraoptXII — 12th International Conference on Parametric Optimization and Related Topics
13 sep 2021 - 17 sep 2021 • Augsburg, Allemagne
Universität Augsburg
Parametric optimization is a part of mathematical programming and has emerged as an exciting research area in theory, numerics and applications. It investigates the properties of solutions to optimization problems under data perturbations or uncertainty. Many relations to other disciplines of operations research, like stochastic programming, complementarity problems, mixed-integer problems, model-building, numerical methods, multi-objective optimization and optimal control, originate from these properties. paraoptXII welcomes papers as well as proposals for special sessions on any area in parametric optimization or related topics. We hope that the conference will continue to help link researchers and practitioners from different areas of mathematical programming from around the world.
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GD21 — International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization 2021
14 sep 2021 - 17 sep 2021 • Tübingen, Allemagne
University of Tübingen
Graph Drawing is concerned with the geometric representation of graphs and constitutes the algorithmic core of Network Visualization. Graph Drawing and Network Visualization are motivated by applications where it is crucial to visually analyze and interact with relational datasets. Examples of such application areas include data science, social sciences, web computing, information systems, biology, geography, business intelligence, information security, or software engineering. GD has been the main annual event in this area for more than 20 years. Its focus is on combinatorial and algorithmic aspects of graph drawing as well as the design of network visualization systems and interfaces. Researchers and practitioners working on any aspects of graph drawing and network visualization are invited to contribute papers and posters and to participate in the symposium and the graph drawing contest.
graph drawing, network visualization, combinatorics, experiments
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