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IRASET'2020 — International Conference on Innovative Research in Applied Science, Engineering and Technology
19 mar 2020 - 20 mar 2020 • Meknes, Maroc
Moulay Ismail University, Faculty of Sciences; IRASET’2020 is technically Co-Sponsored by IEEE Advancing Technology for Humanity and IEEE Morocco Section
The International Conference on Innovative Research in Applied Science, Engineering and Technology (IRASET’2020) focusing on the latest researches, developments, advances and new technologies in the fields of Control, Automation, Mechatronics, Electronics, Electric, Embedded Systems, Telecommunication, Computer Science, Information Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies. The conference aims to disseminate novel ideas and emerging trends, research results and practical achievements. Original and high quality contributions are solicited, including theories, applications and experiments. The IRASET’2020 is an opportunity to network, build up partnerships and exchange ideas with a variety of experienced researchers, developers and practitioners from several universities, research institutes, and academia.
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DRSTET’20 — Digital Revolution, Societal Transformations, and Epistemological Trajectories
23 avr 2020 - 25 avr 2020 • Agadir, Maroc
ENSA Agadir- Ibn Zohr University
The first international conference on Digital Revolution, Societal Transformations, and Epistemological Trajectories (DRSTET’20) will be an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge about theoretical paradigms, innovative methodologies, and new applications of Digital Transformation. It will also probe into the implications of digital revolution and explore its profound impact on society, culture, epistemology, communication, business, and industry to mention just a few. The conference looks for significant contributions to all major fields of the Digital Transformation, in theoretical and practical aspects. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners from both academia as well as industry to meet and share cutting-edge development in the field and to provide constructive debates on the multidimensional opportunities, challenges, and repercussions of digital information technologies on every single aspect of human life.
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DRSTET’ conference aims to bring together researchers, engineers, and practitioners interested in a wide range of issues related to Digital Revolution, Societal Transformations, and Epistemological trajectories. Original papers can be related to - but not restricted to - one of the following areas of inquiry: Society and Digital Humanities Epistemology and Knowledge in Digital Era. Digital Learning and Education. Social Media and Digital Marketing. Business and Digital Industry. Smart Cities and Digital Healthcare. Big Data, IoT and their societal applications. Artificial Intelligence and its societal applications. Privacy, Cybersecurity and Cybercrimes...
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ECIS — European Conference on Information Systems
15 jui 2020 - 17 jui 2020 • Marrakech, Maroc
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