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Channeling 2020 — 9th International Conference "Charged & Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena"
20. Sep 2020 - 25. Sep 2020 • Riccione, Italien
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (MEPhI)
The international conference “Channeling - Charged and Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena” is devoted to the common discussion on advances in physics of coherent/incoherent interaction of relativistic and nonrelativistic hadrons and leptons (protons, ions, electrons, muons and related antiparticles) in strong electromagnetic fields of various origins and structures, from solid amorphous and crystalline to laser and plasma based ones. The topics of the Channeling meetings have been extended to include also the interaction of radiations and beams (wide broad electromagnetic radiations, atoms and neutrons) in various structured media as well as meta-materials to be investigated at the channeling physics approach. One of the main application of the physics of beams channeling relates to the future accelerators, storage rings and radiation optics projects, and it is known as charged and neutral beams novel manipulation techniques, i.e. shaping - collimation and deflection, and acceleration. Recent studies have shown the feasibility of the channeling phenomenology application for description of other mechanisms of interaction of both charged and neutral particle beams in solids, plasmas and external electromagnetic fields covering the research areas from crystal and capillary based accelerators, undulators, waveguides, and X-ray/neutron optical elements.
Conference Secretariat;     Tel.: [+39 06 9403 2399];     Email: channeling2020@lists.lnf.infn.it
coherent scattering of relativistic charged particles in strong fields; crystal channeling, volume capture and volume reflection of hadron and lepton beams; energetic ion interactions processes (backscattering and channeling of low energy ions, high energy ion channeling); electromagnetic radiation by relativistic charged particles in periodic structures coherent bremsstrahlung, channeling radiation, transition radiation, diffraction radiation, parametric x-ray radiation, Landau-Pomeranchuk-Migdal effect, free electron laser, Compton scattering); channeling of radiations in capillary systems (micro- and nano-channeling, micro-channel plates, nanotubes, nano-porous); novel techniques for beams handling and acceleration (plasma wake-fields, cross-laser fields, crystal assisted collimation, plasma-ion channels, capillary channeling); advanced x-ray & neutron optics (capillary/polycapillary optics, compound refractive optics, micro- and nano-focusing, waveguides); applications based on channeling phenomena (beams shaping, positron sources, powerful radiation sources, diagnostic tools, novel x-ray table-top instruments, channeling for advanced electronic materials studies);
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EPIC Executive Laser Meeting at Convergent Photonics
20. Mai 2021 - 21. Mai 2021 • Turin, Italien
EPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium
EPIC Executive Meeting on Industrial Lasers will focus on a discussion between suppliers and users the latest advances in laser-enabled high precision industrial manufacturing processes.
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