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19 May 2024 - 24 May 2024 • Ax-les-thermes, France
The GECOM-CONCOORD conference was created in 1993 by the combination of the "Organometallic Chemistry Study Group (GECOM)" and the "Coordination Chemistry Cooperation (CONCOORD)". It is an annual meeting, organized by a different committee each year at a different place. It was last organized by Toulouse in 2014, and we are pleased to host this event again in 2024. The conference brings together the inorganic scientific community interested in coordination and organometallic chemistry, unifying four main fields: i) chemistry and reactivity of coordination complexes, ii) catalysis, iii) coordination and materials chemistry and iv) bio-inorganic chemistry. This is thus a vast field of modern chemistry at the frontier between physical and life sciences, playing a central role in addressing major societal challenges associated with energy production and storage, information storage, green and sustainable chemistry, supramolecular and bio-inorganic chemistry.
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Gordon Research Seminar — Metallocofactors
08 Jun 2024 - 09 Jun 2024 • Easton, MA, United States
The Metallocofactors GRS provides a unique forum for young doctoral and post-doctoral researchers to present their work, discuss new methods, cutting edge ideas, and pre-published data, as well as to build collaborative relationships with their peers. Experienced mentors and trainee moderators will facilitate active participation in scientific discussion to allow all attendees to be engaged participants rather than spectators.
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Gordon Research Conference – Metallocofactors
09 Jun 2024 - 14 Jun 2024 • Easton, MA, United States
The scientific focus of this meeting concerns the catalytic active sites of metalloproteins––metallocofactors and their precisely tuned secondary coordination spheres––that drive the chemical reactions enabling life on Earth. These catalytic active sites have captivated a diverse community of scientists spanning a range of disciplines. Accordingly, this Gordon Research Conference unites biochemists, synthetic chemists, spectroscopists, and biologists sharing a common desire to understand how Nature uses a limited elemental toolbox to drive challenging but essential chemical transformations. Key foci of the 2024 Metallocofactors GRC will be methodologies (e.g. spectroscopy, electrochemistry), motifs (e.g. clusters), and context (nutrient cycles, repurposing/engineering of cofactors for non-natural roles).
Catalysts for Processing the Elements of Life
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RSC Coordination and Organometallic Discussion Group
09 Jul 2024 - 10 Jul 2024 • Brighton, United Kingdom
Royal Society of Chemistry
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MBP 2024 — Second Metal-Binding Peptides (MBP) Conference
10 Jul 2024 - 12 Jul 2024 • Toulouse, France
The main theme of this international conference is peptides and derived molecules and their interactions with metal ions. Several areas of research will be addressed: health, environment, catalysis, supramolecular chemistry
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