Konferenzen zum Thema Magnetismus, Spintronik in Frankreich

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ISP Workshop on Pulsed Power Technology and Applications
10. Mär 2022 - 11. Mär 2022 • Saint-Paul-lez-Durance, Frankreich
International Society on Pulsed Power Applications e.V. (ISP | hosted by the ITER Organization (IO)
This workshop is intended to regularly provide the possibility of networking within the pulsed power community and to support the scientific / technical exchange between science, industry and students. The frame of the workshop shall provide a more intimate opportunity for social and technical interaction than a large conference. The workshop is accompanied by a tour to the ITER construction site and the annual member meeting of the ISP.
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SMM25 — 25th Soft Magnetic Materials Conference
09. Mai 2022 - 12. Mai 2022 • Grenoble, Frankreich
It is our great pleasure to announce the 25th Soft Magnetic Materials Conference (SMM), to be held in Grenoble, France, the international capital of French Alps, form 2 to 5 May 2022. SMM25, as it has always been since the first event at Torino, Italy in 1973, brings academic and industrial specialists together to share and spread the latest advances on all aspects of soft magnetic materials. The conference will provide all participants with opportunities to fruitfully exchange the latest developments, ideas and their experiences on the fields of materials properties, fundamental studies in magnetism and simulations, applications and their design during technical sessions. With your active contributions of submitting papers and presentations as well as active participation, the SMM25 surely will be an academically enriching, socially enjoyable, and truly memorable experience for all participants.
Einsendeschluss für Abstracts:
04. Okt 2021
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UMC 2022 — 5th Ultrafast Magnetism Conference
12. Sep 2022 - 16. Sep 2022 • Nancy, Frankreich
UMC 2022 is dedicated to the field of ultrafast magnetization dynamics and in particular to ultrafast dynamic processes in magnetic materials on femtosecond, picosecond and attosecond time scales. This is the 5th UMC conference. Previous editions have been held in Strasbourg, Nijmegen, Kaiserslautern and York.
All optical and helicity dependent switching, Thermally induced switching, Laser induced magnetisation dynamics, Nanoscale magnetisation dynamics, Plasmonic devices, Theory and simulation of ultrafast magnetisation dynamics, Ultrafast Spintronics, Measurements of ultrafast magnetisation dynamics

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