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13thESEE2023 — 13th European Symposium on Electrochemical Engineering 2023
26 Jun 2023 - 29 Jun 2023 • Toulouse, France
European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE)
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International Society of Electrochemistry — 74th Annual Meeting
03 Sep 2023 - 08 Sep 2023 • Lyon, France
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74th Annual Meeting — Bridging Scientific Disciplines to Address the World’s Challenges
03 Sep 2023 - 08 Sep 2023 • Lyon, France
International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE)
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2023 workshop on bidirectional catalysis, from molecular machines to enzymes
11 Sep 2023 - 12 Sep 2023 • Marseille, France
This workshop focusses on the modelling and mechanistic questions related to bidirectional catalysis. Whereas many catalysts work in the two directions of the reaction, bidirectional synthetic molecular redox catalysts are scarce. In enzymology, there has been much interest in trying to elucidate what makes a particular enzyme faster in one direction (a property sometimes called the “catalytic bias”). Related to this question is how much free energy is required to kick off catalysis and what makes the so-called “reversible catalysts” function at a fast rate even close to equilibrium, a property that is needed to design energy efficient devices. Examining experimentally the relations between catalytic rate and driving force is more difficult with a biological motor than with a molecular or a surface redox catalyst, but the same concepts apply. This workshop aims at bringing together people from different fields (surface catalysis, molecular catalysis, molecular machines) to clarify the overlaps, see how much knowledge can be transferred across disciplines, and describe recent advances in the use, design, benchmarking and kinetic modeling of bidirectional catalysts.
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NPC 2023 — International Conference on Nuclear Plant Chemistry
25 Sep 2023 - 29 Sep 2023 • Juan les Pins, Antibes, France
Société française d’énergie nucléaire (Sfen)
The NPC conference is the key point meeting for the nuclear chemistry and radiochemistry international community. Topics include: Safety, materials’ integrity, maintenance and duration of operation, radiation field management, advanced reactors, environment preservation, improvements of monitoring and surveillance. The aim is to share and transfer knowledge via oral and poster presentations covering operating experience, scientific studies and future trends.​ The conference will also feature the biennal Workshop on radiolysis, electrochemistry and material performance.
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EUROCORR 2024 — European Corrosion Congress
01 Sep 2024 - 05 Sep 2024 • Paris, France
European Federation of Corrosion (EFC)
The European Corrosion Congress – EUROCORR, the EFC’s annual conference, is the flagship event of the international corrosion calendar. Attracting upwards of a thousand delegates, it is held every year in September in a different European country. EUROCORR is famous for its high technical standard and its popular social programme.
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