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MCOII-2022 — Virtual Microscopy Characterisation of Organic-Inorganic Interfaces 2022
01. Mär 2022 - 02. Mär 2022 • Berlin-London-NewYork (virtualy), Überall (Virtuelle Veranstaltung)
Royal Microscopical Society (UK), Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (Germany), Cornell University (USA)
The 6th Microscopy Characterisation of Organic–Inorganic Interfaces (MCOII) meeting will again be hosted virtually, but it will keep the main goals and aspirations of all the previous editions. We will use the advantages of the virtual format and this time not only connect experts from different branches of the microscopy community (the life sciences and materials science) but also bridge two continents in a joint discussion on the challenging but increasingly important topic of studying hybrid organic–inorganic materials. The transatlantic scientific organiser team of Nadja V. Tarakina (MPIKG, Germany) and Lena F. Kourkoutis (Cornell University, USA) have put together an exciting two-day programme. As usual, the first day will be more general, covering a broad range of microscopy approaches (correlative microscopy solutions, in-situ gas and liquid microscopy methods, low-voltage electron microscopy and many more) in the context of imaging hybrid and soft matter. On the second day, the special Focus Lecture Series will provide an in-depth view on "Advances in Analytical Cryo-Electron Microscopy: From sample preparation to data acquisition to data analysis”. Cryo-electron microscopy has transformed life sciences by enabling the structure of macromolecules to be imaged down to the atomic scale. Recent developments in instrumentation and techniques have opened new opportunities for scientific discovery not only in life sciences but also in physical sciences and in areas where the two fields intersect. This lecture series will bring together world-leading experts in analytical electron microscopy, highlighting the latest achievements, new opportunities and outstanding challenges in probing beam-sensitive and hybrid materials and their interfaces.
Katie Reynolds;     Tel.: [+441865 254768];     Email: katiereynolds@rms.org.uk
transmission electron microscopy, electron energy loss spectroscopy, cryo - electron microscopy, correlative microscopy solutions, in-situ gas and liquid microscopy methods, low-voltage electron microscopy

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