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10. Jun 2024 - 14. Jun 2024 • Manchester, Großbritannien
Institute of Physics (IOP)
QENS focusses on the discussion and exchange of scientific ideas related to the investigation of atomic and molecular motions, while WINS deals with instrumental aspects of quasielastic and inelastic neutron scattering techniques. Though originally QENS and WINS were held independent of each other, the added value of their joint celebration was acknowledged in 2012, and continues today, since it enhances their scope and impact on the scientific community related with the quasielastic and inelastic neutron scattering techniques.
SPIE Sensors + Imaging 2024
16. Sep 2024 - 19. Sep 2024 • Edinburgh, Scotland, Großbritannien
SPIE - The international society for optics and photonics.
SPIE Remote Sensing | SPIE Security + Defence will gather in Edinburgh to share research.
Faraday Discussion — Advanced imaging techniques in biomineralisation research
14. Mai 2025 - 16. Mai 2025 • Edinburgh, Großbritannien
Royal Society of Chemistry
It becomes increasingly clear that the relationship between structure and function of hierarchical biominerals can only be understood by connecting the length scales and interrogating comprehensively the impact of atomic-level organisation and the multi-level assembly of the resulting composites. This Faraday Discussion will focus on the application of advanced methods to scrutinise existing paradigms in biomineralization and improve our understanding of mineralisation across length scales by bringing together different communities including world-leading experts in relevant imaging and spectroscopy techniques with the biomineralization community where these methods are commonly used.
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Faraday Discussion — High-entropy alloy nanostructures: from theory to application
24. Sep 2025 - 26. Sep 2025 • London, Großbritannien
Royal Society of Chemistry
To benefit from the predicted superior properties of high-entropy alloy (HEA) nanostructures in future energy solutions, many fundamental scientific questions and challenges still remain. These include: the development of new synthetic routes to achieve nanostructures with compositional, morphological and structural control; development of new high-throughput characterization routines to examine the structural and elemental distribution of multi-elemental nanostructured materials with high spatial resolution; the development of theoretical models to predict the catalytic properties and active sites driving the reactions on multi-elemental surfaces; the evolution of HEA nanostructured catalysts under realistic operating conditions; magnetic properties of HEAs. This Faraday Discussion aims to bring together pioneers within this area in a cross-disciplinary manner by providing a platform to explore possible solutions to these challenges, while establishing a fundamental understanding of these novel materials.

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