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Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy with Extremely Large Telescopes [postponed from 2020 to 20-24 September 2021]
20 sep 2021 - 24 sep 2021 • University of Oxford, Royaume-Uni
The forthcoming generation of Extremely Large Telescope (ELTs) will reach unprecedented spectroscopic sensitivity coupled with high angular resolution in the near infrared. This workshop will bring together the international astronomical community to explore the transformational science that the spectroscopic instrument suites of the ELTs (GMT, TMT and ELT) will achieve. High resolution simulations have played a key role in the development of the instrument science cases providing a quantifiable means to determine feasibility and to predict the scientific outcomes that can be achieved.
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Navigation 2021 — IAIN 2021 World Congress with International Navigation Conference 2021 Edinburgh
15 nov 2021 - 18 nov 2021 • Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni
Royal Institute of Navigation
Navigation 2021 where the International Navigation Conference (INC), European Navigation Conference (ENC) and the International Association of the Institutes of Navigation (IAIN) World Congress meet in 2021 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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BNASS 2022 — The 20th Biennial National Atomic Spectroscopy Symposium
27 jui 2022 - 29 jui 2022 • Manchester, Royaume-Uni
Royal Society of Chemistry
BNASS (Biennial National Atomic Spectroscopy Symposium) is the biennial meeting of the RSC Atomic Spectroscopy Group and provides an ideal forum to encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge in analytical atomic spectroscopy. BNASS will celebrate its 20th event and during its history, there have been some tremendous changes in atomic spectroscopy. These advances have been showcased at BNASS, which has built an international reputation for both the quality of the science presented and the unique style of the symposium, enabling delegates to meet and discuss issues in a social setting. The meeting includes a mix of established and younger speakers, and the organisers would especially like to encourage young researchers to present their results in short oral presentations within each of the topic sessions.
New atomic spectrometry developments, Instrumentation fundamentals, Measurement of nanoparticles, Speciation and metallomics, Biological and clinical applications, Bio-imaging and laser ablation applications, Environmental geochemistry, Food analysis
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01 avr 2022
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2022 school — Mayneord-Phillips Educational Programme: Advances in Solid State Detectors for Early Diagnosis
04 jul 2022 - 06 jul 2022 • Oxford, Royaume-Uni
Institute of Physics, the British Institute of Radiology, and the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine
The Mayneord-Phillips Educational Programme (MPEP), run by the Institute of Physics, the British Institute of Radiology, and the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine is a forum for early-career professionals to explore new developments in medical physics, enhance subject-knowledge and form long-term networks. The programme hosts approximately 30 early-career professionals and has been successfully running since 2012. The aim is to host the event every two years. The topic of the 2022 school will be Advances in Solid State Detectors for Early Diagnosis which given the current COVID pandemic, has emphasised how vital it is for scientists to explore and develop new solutions. The School will provide an opportunity for NHS Clinical Scientists, post-graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and engineers and innovators working on product solutions in industry to develop their interest and expertise in an exciting, nascent topic.
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